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Custom Fuel Delivery App Development Company

Remote delivery has broken into the realm of the fuel trade. In US cities, services for the delivery and refueling of cars using mobile applications have begun to actively develop. The scheme of action here is simple: the driver with just a few clicks makes request fuel delivery, reports in the application the delivery location - parking place of his car (of course, he reports the state license plate), unlocks the fuel filler flap, and also reports the deadline or time range during which he will wait for fuel delivery vehicle which becomes real mobile fuel filling station. The delivery operations are so simple, delivery fees are so low that fuel delivery businesses became so popular and were instantly picked up by European entrepreneurs.

Residents of the American city of Reston (Virginia) use the bonuses of another digital solution on establishing fuel channel. Instead of driving to a traditional gas station, then going to pay for fuel and only then refueling, the driver selects a gas station in his application, a dispenser in it, then pays with a linked card. The refueling itself is carried out by the filling station staff in the classic way with a pistol, and the driver, thus, does not leave the salon at all, and also saves a decent amount of time. So, time saving takes pace, and long queues are fading into the past.

Most Alfee specialists has technical background, and they monitor market trends and try to meet the demand in new emerging niches. We are competently ready to make fuel delivery app development if it's necessary software for your enterprise, which allow you to provide customers with refueling outside filling stations - using only a smartphone and a mobile application installed on it.

A Mobile Application for Fuel Delivery Services Developing Goals

It should be noted that this market segment is new – fuel is not sold anywhere in the world outside filling stations. In this regard, when designing a mobile application that controls this process, developers immediately had a large number of non-standard questions.

As a result, the following functional tasks of the future on demand service were formulated, which form its appearance:

  • Basic features includes searching for a gas station on the map in the desired location.
  • Linking a bank card to the application and other multiple payment options.
  • Searching for the best fuel station nearby. The criterion is the price and fuel type.
  • Advanced features include the presence of a bonus program. The accrual of bonuses should take place in accordance with the status of the card. There should also be a cashback.There must be a mandatory return of the difference to the card when delivering fuel is more than entered the tank.
  • Save order history track with preferred options.
  • Mandatory presence in the application of an online store for drivers with various services and goods (it can include engine cleaning products or grocery delivery). This idea belongs to Alfee developers. At the same time, payment should be provided with the help of bonuses generated when buying fuel. In addition, delivery of purchased goods to a specific gas station specified by the customer should be provided.
  • The need for the application to have various games with levels, achievements, badges, and most importantly, with bonuses that can also be converted into fuel.

The Development of Mobile Fuel Delivery Service App Implemented Solutions

While fuel delivery app development Alfee programmers developed the UI/UX design and wrote down all the necessary integrations, including with the payment gateway and CRM systems. As a result, a full-fledged service based on a mobile application for Android and iOS platforms was formed.

The implemented technical solutions enable drivers and customers of the application itself to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. 01
    customers now have the opportunity to refuel directly at gas stations without leaving the car, but only by indicating the dispenser number, type and volume of fuel in their application;
  2. 02
    you can order fuel not only at the gas station, but also at any other point of the selected location. The refueling agent will arrive and refuel at the specified time;
  3. 03
    payment can be made with any bank cards, as well as with the help of any payment systems e wallets;
  4. 04
    the customer's purchase history is stored and analyzed so that all preferences are taken into account at the next refueling;
  5. 05
    this business model, mobility solution allows to fuel station owners to attract new customers, as well as enhances the loyalty of existing ones;
  6. 06
    the total attendance of gas stations increases with a decrease in queues for each dispenser;
  7. 07
    this application is a new channel for selling goods from the customer's car shop;
  8. 08
    the application is an additional channel for profit from the resale by customers of services and goods of third parties;
  9. 09
    stimulating drivers' motivation to pay for highly profitable goods from an online store against bonuses;
  10. 10
    increased customer base and loyalty through the receipt of additional bonuses by the customer, as well as an entertainment block and push notifications.

Alfee is app development company. It's developers are highly qualified, have deep knowledge and experience that allow them to create any, even the most complex software products. And fuel delivery apps are no exception. Hire our experts and you will be able to appreciate their competence.

The Software Fuel Delivery Application Creating Procedure

Everything new is risky. Therefore, when fuel delivery app development is realising, it is very important to follow the algorithm. Accurate execution of the sequence of actions allows you to avoid many errors when compiling the code, as well as significantly speed up the appearance of the final software product.

Fuel delivery business analysis, comparison, studying

The working process of demand fuel delivery service creating starts with analytics. And analytics in fuel app development begins with market research and studying of competitors. A SWOT analysis is compiled, where growth points are highlighted. Alfee specialists dive deep into the topic: usually several dozen competitors are considered at once. This is necessary so that you can understand the general trends in solutions, as well as identify the needs of drivers. After that, this information is put at the forefront when implementing the deliver fuel application.

The structure for displaying information in the frontend gas delivery app development

To identify the relevance of specific options in the application, a CJM client is formed based on surveys and observations. Alfee analysts take into account the revealed preferences and have already worked out the UX applications with exciting features in such a way that the interests of each target group of customers are taken into account. Thus, the following modules were aggregated in the application: a map of the location of filling stations, a calculator, a dynamic page with current fuel prices, etc.

Simple understandable information administration system in the backend building

Alfee analysts paid a lot of attention to the studying of the app solutions and external working conditions of the future. It was necessary to take into account one more important point - to satisfy the needs of the internal client - the profile management users. For the convenience of working with the application, an intuitive, user-friendly interface was created.

The application is not only focused on the user but its interface has become much more friendly to the internal client of the customer's company, which ultimately affected the popularity of the application among end users.

Demand fuel delivery services development, app testing, implementation

The Alfee team always works closely on any project, trying to meet the shortest deadlines set by the customer. Intensive back-end fuel delivery app development allowed the server to be completed two weeks earlier than mobile development was ready. The next stage is the identification of bugs - while application development, they, for some reason, they manifest themselves to a greater extent on Android. Testers return the solution for revision an unlimited number of times - usually at least three times, until the end result is a finished software product with a well-built UX/UI design and without any errors.

Gas delivery apps results

The well-coordinated work of the Alfee team gives concrete dividends to all interested parties. In the shortest but reasonable terms, a highly complex app is created that fully meets business requirements, describes technologies involved and fuel delivery business processes in a new segment of the consumer market. The next fuel delivery app features are formed:

  1. 01
    unparalleled consumer scenarios;
  2. 02
    mechanisms for creating, recording and spending bonuses are being developed;
  3. 03
    all processes of work with the bonus program are automated;
  4. 04
    an internal calculator for calculating the cost of fuel is being introduced;
  5. 05
    integration of a service for demonstrating current fuel prices.

Finally, after verification, development process is over with the application uploaded to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Gas Delivery Services: Time and Money

Of course, on demand fuel app is a new product that has not yet won the user preference as much as food delivery apps or marketplaces have. Therefore, speaking about the introduction of such gas delivery services, it would be correct to equate this petrol delivery app with venture investments.

And for any such investment, it is always good to know how much such a fuel delivery app development will cost, so that you can at least approximately estimate the payback period, the overall profitability of the project and other economic indicators.

Let's start with money. It makes no sense to name specific amounts. They can vary greatly depending on which utility modules the delivery scheduling customers wants to integrate into the final software product. For clarity, we can give an example of a separate user module that allows customers to order coffee while waiting for fuel delivery. If this module is inserted in a general form, then its cost will be approximately $3000. But if you also develop an option for regulating the desired amount of sugar and cream, then the cost of the module doubles.

Therefore, speaking about the cost of the entire software package for demand fuel delivery business, one can compare the price of its development with the price of an S-class car. But exactly how much you have to pay depends on what additional options and devices you want.

With deadlines, everything is simpler and more definite. Alfee employees implement the algorithm described above in about 3 months (+/- 10%).

Questions for Fuel Delivery App Development

What is gas delivery service Mobile App Development for?

The fuel delivery app development is needed to manage the process of interaction between the client-customer and the fuel supplier at the address specified by the client. Thus, just a few taps and customers save time, because now they don’t have to go to the gas station at all - the fuel will come to them on fuel delivery vehicles with delivery person from the relevant service, who will bring it and refuel it. In addition, using such an application, you can speed up the process of refueling at the station. It is enough to select the desired type of fuel in advance, enter the column number and make the payment. And then drive up and directly pour fuel into the tank.

What are benefits of Our On-demand Fuel Delivery App Development Solutions?

With the help of the fuel delivery application, the fuel business owners have the opportunity to increase fuel sales, as customers actually start to refuel more often. In addition, if an online store is integrated with the application, then the revenue also increases due to the growth of its sales. Moreover, the fuel delivery app development can help you significantly to increase the loyalty of old customers of filling networks and facilitates the influx of new ones.

How much does an on-demand fuel delivery mobile app cost?

Estimate how much a luxury car can cost. The price of mobile fuel delivery app developmentis at a comparable level. Moreover, additional features also increase the cost of the software application, as well as options that are not included in the basic package of the car. The fuel delivery startups now are becoming more and more expensive.

How Fuel Delivery App Development Proceeds?

Creating a fuel delivery application consists of several steps. It starts with market analysis and a more accurate definition of the potential target audience interests. Then specialists define the structure for displaying information in the frontend gas delivery app development. Next, the administration system in the backend is built. And finally, fuel deliveries app development, app testing and implementation. The very end of this "fuel delivered" is app verification and pulishing it at Apple Store and Google Play platforms.


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