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Fitness Website Development Services

To create a fitness website, it is not enough to have experience in developing an online product. It is important to understand the ambitions of your fitness business. Depending on your marketing goals, having an online presence can help solve a number of problems.


Ordering Internet promotion of a fitness club means investing in the positioning of your brand. Alfee as a gym web design agency creates fitness websites with complex solutions. We provide unique fitness website development services, write competent informative content and build a promotion strategy.

Benefits of Owning Fitness Websites

Web development for the fitness industry increases sales of individual workouts and subscriptions, automates registration for classes and structures customer data. Its task is to attract more new visitors and help you work more effectively with regular ones, as well as increase brand awareness.

A fitness website can motivate visitors by showing them "before" and "after" results, offering methods to achieve health goals and personalized advice. Programmers can write an online calorie calculator or a function that calculates the ideal weight given the users' parameters.

The Necessity to Create a Website for the Fitness Industry

You need to create a fitness website in order to tell potential website visitors more about:

  1. 01
    Your business. Those who are looking for a gym will already see information on the main page about what fitness services you offer, how many personal trainers you have, what is the area of ​​the gym, and whether there is a pool, sauna, massage, and other nice bonuses. All this is better presented with photos, infographics, videos, and even a virtual 3D tour on the new website. You can show where your affiliates are on an interactive map and add multiple ways to connect, including links to social media, to maximize the reach target audience in search engines.
  2. 02
    Advantages. A fitness club website is a great way to immediately show how it is better than its competitors. Therefore, before web development begins, comprehensive analytics are carried out to help highlight or create unique strengths. For example, every gym has information on their website about professional trainers, but perhaps it was yours who received awards for sports achievements. Here you can also think over and indicate bonuses and features from the purchase of a subscription - discounts, additional classes, free sports cocktails, or parking. For promotions that will stimulate regular and attract new customers, they traditionally highlight a block at the top of the page or information about them with a pop-up window.
  3. 03
    Available services. If each type of training has its own page or at least a section, potential clients will be able to find answers to frequently asked questions there about the personal training itself, as well as who leads it. If you have a solarium, sauna, massage room, or other wellness treatments, you can talk about them on the website. Indicating a price next to each of the services will increase the confidence of potential customers and reduce the burden on managers who will not have to answer calls and messages in instant messengers.
  4. 04
    The timetable of classes. The schedule indicates the difficulty and duration of the training, as well as, optionally, the number of free places.
  5. 05
    Fitness trainers. Choosing a personal trainer is a difficult task for some clients, which the site can make easier. A separate section dedicated to fitness trainers will tell about their knowledge, education, experience, specialization, results and guarantees for them. If you add the ability to leave reviews, you, like your customers, will be able to learn more about employees.

Personal Account on the Website of the Gym


An account on the fitness website is a convenient tool for signing up for classes, using membership bonuses, and creating an individual schedule. Users' personal data can be used for marketing purposes, launching unique offers depending on which workouts and treatments the client prefers. Use fitness website development services with Alfee to launch the best website for your business.

Stages of Developing a Fitness Club Website

The finished fitness site is published on the Internet, and you can continue to cooperate with us, for example, by entrusting search engine optimization and content filling. The Alfee digital marketing team deals with contextual advertising, targeting, content creation and other promotion methods. But before that, the website must go through some stages, including analytics and testing.

Analysis of data related to your business

Before starting development, we analyze your business, its competitors and other aspects to find strengths, understand the challenges and develop your own site structure that will best attract new clients. We will also advise you on a framework or CMS for the website, tell you about the capabilities of each of them and draw up a strategy that we will follow.

Development of technical specifications

The data of the analytics and the subsequent discussion are used to draw up the terms of reference for the project manager, programmers, layout designers, web designers, testers, and other specialists who will work on your perfect website.

Fitness website design

The terms of reference are the basis for drawing up a contract, after signing which we begin to develop a UI / UX layout. It is needed to test the usability of the site and show you how it will look and work. At this stage, the behavioral factors of the target audience identified during the analysis are used. The structure of the website is created in such a way that every action of the site visitors leads them to the decision to sign up for a workout. The prototype is repeatedly tested and submitted to you for approval.

The user interface design of the fitness website

The appearance of the new website depends on which engine it will work on. There are custom templates for CMS, but even in this case, the best solution is a custom layout. It will allow you to stand out from the competition, make your website more reliable and secure, and also provide a higher rating from search robots.

The Alfee website designers will launch an original layout for you, taking into account the specifics of the fitness club niche, using your corporate identity. If you don't already have one, we will create a brand book with a set of colors, infographics, logos, icons, and other website design elements.

Front-end and back-end development of the perfect website

Programmers will develop the overall site architecture and database, as well as set up the administrative panel. At the same stage, it is possible to connect or write custom modules, for example, for online payment options or integration with an accounting system. The layout designers will write the HTML code for each page of the layout design, the external part of your website.

Website feature testing

The assembled site for the fitness industry is checked for stability, correctness, and loading speed. QA testing also includes an analysis of adaptability so that the website displays equally well on different mobile devices, and cross-browser compatibility.

Popularization of an Online Personal Training Website


Nowadays, more and more users prefer online personal training to regular visits to the gym. This is convenient not only because you can practice without leaving your home, but also because the users can pick up the time for their training. In order for a fitness trainer to attract more clients online, he will need a website where the users can easily get acquainted with the available video training, the stream schedule, the subscription cost, and also ask questions of interest.

Search engine optimization of personal trainer website

Personal trainers today have a chance to build a fascinating career using their reach and popularity on the Internet. Those who are considered leaders in the online fitness world most often started out by sharing their journey to their dream figure on social media, generating more and more interest in the fitness industry and fitness training education over time.

However, the competition in the fitness industry is huge, and potential clients base their choice not only on their convenient location but above all on the reputation of the fitness trainer himself. In addition to the main points for creating a successful website (web design, analytics, testing), you need to do in-depth preparation in order to make an effective search engine optimization of a personal trainer and promote your own brand on the network:

  • Prepare a promotion plan. Ways of promotion can be both through the website of the gym where the fitness trainer works, and through their own social networks.
  • Set up search engine optimization activities for a personal fitness trainer website. To do this, you should conduct an SEO audit and keyword analysis, as well as set up the necessary hashtags related to localization.
  • Collect feedback from gym clients. Building the image of a trustworthy trainer is based not only on his knowledge and courses, which many fitness professionals can boast of but also on which clients trust his training and why.

Providing Professional Gym Web Design Services

We try to understand the tasks of your fitness businesses and their customers, in order to use our experience to solve them. Alfee web design company are expert in marketing and provides first-class fitness website development services. With us, the development of each project begins with comprehensive analytics. Without it, it is impossible to build a beautiful, secure, ready-to-promote, easy-to-manage, and business website that will generate profit.

What Determines the Cost of a Website Design for a Gym

The cost of developing a site for a gym is discussed at the stage of analytics, and after its completion, you will know how many hours of work programmers, web designers, layout designers, and other specialists will be required to implement the project.

The total amount is the services of web design, design development, programming, assembly, configuration, and testing, as well as solving other tasks if necessary. Separately, the cost of developing a website for a fitness club includes paying for hosting services or buying a server.

Benefits of Alfee Website Designers Work


The fitness website development services are a familiar task for Alfee programmers and web designers. We know how to launch even apps for gyms that combine membership management, personal training, and activity tracking to set goals and achieve them by tracking every step.

Questions for Fitness Website Development

How does a complete fitness website management solution help a business?

The fitness website management solution implemented by the Alfee team will allow for analyzing in detail the work and workload of trainers. Working with the system minimizes the work of administrative personnel, and clients are always satisfied with the quality and prompt service.

How long does it take to develop a custom fitness website design?

The term for creating a custom fitness web design depends on the desired functionality, the uniqueness of the website design, and other points. It is possible to say the approximate time if there is a full-fledged technical task.

How much does it cost for fitness website design services?

How many pages the project will have, whether custom solutions are needed, and how unusual the web design will be are the main aspects of determining the cost of developing fitness web design. Leave a request to the Alfee team, and we will provide a preliminary assessment of the project.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

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