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Evolution of Hyperlocal Mobile App

The eCommerce industy is rapidly developing with new businesse emerging every day. One of the essential issues for local businesses is possesing an efficient hyperlocal app. The major plus of hyperlocal mobile apps is the possibility to target audience from nearby and to increase revenue from these sales. If you want to take your business to a completely new level possessing a hyperlocal delivery app is advisable.


The provided below information will help you make out how to launch a hyperlocal delivery business and where to find a reliable company to entrust the development of your ideal hyperlocal delivery app.

A few words about hyperlocal system

Let's start with studying the notion of hyperlocal system itself. This is the phenomenon that joins customers taking into acount their location and assists startups and large enterprises develop their business locally. This system is advantageous not only for the neighbouring service providers and local stores, but also for customers.

Here are the main pluses:

  • Customers are able to easily find local shops and services/goods they need locally thanks to GPS location;
  • Customers have no need to visit local stores, they can simply order online and enjoy the products delivered;
  • Both buyers and sellers enjoy better experience in trading relationships, since purchasing and seling processes are improved significantly;
  • Hyperlocal logistics is advisable for players in the food delivery market.

As you see, hyperlocal apps is a true breakthrough in the field of on demand delivery industry. So in order to leave behind competitors, you just cannot do without a hyperlocal mobile app.

Major characteristics of hyperlocal apps

Now the time has come to speak a bit more in detail about the basic features of hyperlocal delivery application. Why is it actualy so important for developing businesses?

This is a mobile app with a convenient seller dashboard panel, where the customer can choose products/services, manage orders, view complete order information, etc. This approach helps to save time significantly, since you can find nearby service providers and purchase from local vendors.

Some hyperlocal delivery applications support offline mode work and are accessible in several languages. You can view current local selection and get quick delivery, no need to vaste time visiting local shops, everything is just in pocket.

As a rule, this mobile app is compatible both with smartphones and tablet devices with the possibility to set customer's address depending on where you are. This means that you can take advantage of a whole order management system with the possibility to include several addresses and edit them.

Alfee team is eager to deliver a highly credible hyperlocal application for your business model. We pay great attention to every detail during the app development process, starting from core features and up to such minor points as push notifications, multiple payment methods, and other additional functions.

Why do I need a hyperlocal app?


You may start thinking that there are lots of local businesses living without a hyperlocal app, so why actually should I have one? The question is quite reasonable, and we would like to give answers to it:

  1. 01
    With a high-quality mobile app you are able to easily influence your target audience located nearby. Customer's location can be set up aumomatically via GPS location or manually if needed;
  2. 02
    The seller can manage seller account in a few simple steps. Adding new products and services becomes so easy. It's possible to see order details, manage customers list, control order processing process, etc.;
  3. 03
    You can benefit from push norifications to start offering products to your customers and tell them about current discounts, promotions. This is one of the most efficient tools for businesses, since any notification can end up with a purchase;
  4. 04
    With this mobile app you can give your customers excellent user experience thanks to high UI/UX level.

These are only some of the pluses you can get with a hyperlocal app. So if you are still hesitating, the time has come to stop. Alfee team will be glad to apply their expertise and knowledge to deliver best-in-class app for you.

How to create hyperlocal delivery business?

Constructing a hyperlocal delivery app isn't an easy thing to do, but it's undoubtedly worth it. If you obtain a distinct step-by-step plan to follow, things will seem easier.

Firstly, you should develop an order management system, which will help you track incoming requests, monitor sales, etc. You'll hardly do without a web-based backend system. If you obtain no OMS, another variant is to turn to e Commerce platforms. There several well-known opensource e Commerce frameworks which can boast of rich functionality.

Proceed with choosing suitabe mobile app development framework and platform. Alfee team is eager to render both native app development services and cross-platform solutions for your business prosperity.

Get in touch with Alfee team and we'll do the rest for you, making you aware of the development process progress. Our experts will take into account all your desires and will do their utmost to match your overall image. Only after we construct and test your app as it should be, will we deploy it to Google Play and App Store.

What features should an ideal hyperlocal delivery mobile app possess?


Developing a perfect hyperlocal delivery app is impossible without a certain feature set. We've isted the core features of any hyperlocal delivery mobile app:

  • detecting precise GPS location;
  • demonstrating nearby demanded businesses;
  • showing goods/services available for the same geographical area;
  • quick delivery option;
  • possibility to pick up the preferrable time delivery slot;
  • flexible and safe payment gateway;
  • attractive & informative push notifications;
  • multiple catalog filtering options;
  • opportunity to see where the delivery boy is.

Such options as customer support chat (both offline-online), delivery boys tipping, reviews & ratings can also be of much use. These features will give a hand to construct not a simple hyperlocal delivery app, but a huge demanded hyperlocal marketplace.

Pluses of hyperlocal delivery apps

Convenience to customers is the fundamental reason why people choose online deliveries. Customers can contact local stores in a few clicks and order food, goods, or services in a few seconds.

However on demand apps are handy not only for customers, but for businesses as well. Get maximum revenue putting minimum effor. This means refined business standards, all the procuderes including payment method and order history are absolutely transparent.

Hyperlocal delivery models posses a general positive impact on the industry development. They raise competition and quality.

With a hyperlocal delivery app the local market is simply in your pocket. It provides maximum accessibility and doesn't require tons of paperwork.

Where is hyperlocal business model applied?

Hyperlocal business model is applied in several industries. It's especially demanded by grocery delivery, taxi service, hotel business, etc.

You can find both iOS apps and Android solutions suitable for several nniches. Undoubtedly, each of them has its own peculiarities but the general operational principle is one and the same.

Why do local businesses prefer to enter hyperlocal market with Alfee company?


Alfee team is eager to offer you their services in developing mobile apps for delivery management in accordance with your revenue model. Why do hundreds of companies choose to build their hyperlocal businesses with Alfee? Find the reasons below:

  • we apply advanced technologies & emerging techniques;
  • deliver framework for both Android & iOS devices;
  • our specialists master multiple programming languages;
  • we know how to construct the best customized app totally modified to your business requirements;
  • we work to the best of our abilities to ensure the top outcome in the shortest period.

Hyperlocal startups and large enterprises cooperate with Alfee and enjoy maximum profit with minimum effort and resources.

Questions for Evolution of Hyperlocal Mobile Applications

What is the Evolution Of Hyperlocal Mobile App?

The notion means rapid growth of hyperlocal delivery models, where local merchants find themselvs in a favorable position with advanced technologies applied in several niches. Grocery apps and special applications for taxi service, hotel booking, daily products delivery, etc. comprise the major element of hyperlocal market.

How to Create On-Demand Hyperlocal Delivery App?

In order to enter hyperlocal on demand delivery industry, you need to work hard to find a dedicated team ready to build a mobile application. There are numerous variants for that, but we recommend you to address to Alfee professional team. We will start with defining the target audience and  business goals ad go on to pick up the right tacktics and strategies to apply.

How Does The On-Demand Hyperlocal Delivery Model Work?

Hyperlocal delivery model is excellent for enterprises that a spire to meet cients'' needs locally instantly. The delivery process is performed via a special digital platform, where clients can arrange fast deliveries and monitor new sellers. The model is preferable for customers and benefiitial for local stores.

How to start your business in the hyperlocal delivery model?

Pick up a niche you'd like to commence business in and shape your target audience. Construct partnerships with local service providers, i.e. look for logistics, package, etc. Find a company to work with. We recommend you commence cooperating with Alfee professional team for a better result. Our specialists are eager to build the best-in-class solutions tailored to your goals.

Is Development of a Hyperlocal Delivery Network Important?

Undoubtedly, constructing a hyperlocal delivery network is life-important for profitable business. It will assist you enteract with neighbouring customers and render improved service. Alfee team is eager to give you a hand to enter hyperlocal delivery business.

What are the Benefits of Hyperlocal Delivery Models?

Hyperlocal delivery models are the most efficient method to enter on demand economy. They help to minimize recources and costs put into the development of local business. With interactive dashboards and advanced features you can ensure fast and swift delievry for your clients.

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