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Event Management Website Development Company

A forum, trade show, conference, festival, wedding or corporate events - any great event cannot be held without an audience (in some cases even just a crowd will be enough). And it doesn't matter wether it is private or business needs - this is a market in which there a solvent demand is. There are a lot of channels to attract attendees and sell tickets but the event planning website plays a key role here, because you can effectively perform your project with its help.

Alfee website developers have hundreds of events on their account. Our specialists promoted business tours, conferences for parents, startup competitions, and with the help of the created websites, hundreds of invitations were responded in a few weeks. However, to achieve such indicators, you need to be a highly qualified specialist.

Event website concept

Many users, and many webmasters, or rather, specialists who consider themselves to be them, believe that the site development process, especially just for an upcoming event (that is, for a limited time interval), has down to several sequential actions:

  • Website design development (devoted to the event you need).
  • Implementation of CMS - content management system.
  • Filling it with images, video and text content.
  • Transferring the website or app to the server.

But this is far from true. This is only the visible "part of the iceberg". There are many more works, which it's impossible to develop a high-quality website without! We confirm this on the basis of our many years of experience in this field.

Development team

Development of a bright landing or promo website is the first stage of event promotion. You need to develop a comprehensive advertising strategy that spans dozens of channels and tools. Contextual and targeted advertising, SMM, cooperation with opinion leaders, email marketing - this is a necessary minimum that should be used to attract the audiences to the conference.

That is why Alfee programmers are complex specialists with deep knowledge not only directly in programming, but also in marketing (the will be able to promote web resource choosing right strategy).

Tools and stages of event websites creation

The website creation begins with the development of its concept, that is, setting goals and objectives that this Internet resource should solve. This is a very important stage of work, which largely determines the face of the website: its design, content, functionality.

Having drawn up the concept of your resource and having studied the Internet resources of competitors, we proceed to the creation of a technical task (TOR). It should include:

  1. 01
    A complete list of tasks that the website or app will solve.
  2. 02
    Description of the structure, navigation, content and design.
  3. 03
    Terms of website creation.
  4. 04
    Cost of work.

And only after the preparation of the TOR, the actual creation of the website begins: drawing the design, layout of pages, creating software (CMS), filling the resource with content.

Marketing features

Simultaneously with the development of the event planning resource, the promotion team should be connected to the project. It defines, studies and segments the public, working out the levers of influence on it, formulates specific actions for ticket sales.

You can quickly sell "sinking" to a festival, competition, conference, forum or any other event only if you connect the entire arsenal of advertising tools. Competent developers launch advertising campaigns on search, in Yandex and Google advertising networks, in social networks, create communities and channels in instant messengers, collaborate with bloggers, agents of influence, opinion leaders, and set up email newsletters.

An online sales service, a CRM for registering applications, an online chat for live communication with potential clients, a callback widget and other additional modules that are used by default by Alfee developers on projects will help turn the event planning website from an information brochure into an audience attraction channel.

Event management website design

Then the testing phase begins, which consists in checking the functionality of the created web resource in various Internet browsers. And only after that the website can be hosted on the server. First you need to register its domain name and choosing a hosting.

When creating a website, it should be remembered that in order not to get lost among millions of its kind, it is necessary to carry out certain work with it to increase its rating in the main search engines. Therefore, already at the stage of creating a website, it is necessary to optimize its code and content for Yandex, Google and Rambler. All this work is called SEO optimization.

Structure and goals

A catchy design, conversion blocks and informative texts are the main components of the event planning website. A detailed description of performances, master classes, organizational breaks will allow webresource visitors to get an idea of ​​the content and format, and convenient buttons will help you quickly buy a ticket.

Alfee programmers are able to complete your web project at a high professional level, using the most modern tools and software technologies. High speed of work and high-quality results are the main features of cooperation with our specialists. Contact to us and proove.

Website like event planner

A good website is an Internet resource, and event planner at the same time with content that is interesting for people and optimized for search engines, easy navigation (for more on this, see the article “Website usability: what it is and what it affects”), optimized, cleaned of any “garbage” code. And don't forget about some elements of entertainment.

Only such website can attract a lot of targeted visitors, which means it has every chance of being commercially successful. As you can see, creating an app or website is a complex process that requires great professionalism, and often creativity. That is why it is better to entrust your future brainchild to professionals who have extensive experience and dozens, hundreds of successfully completed projects.

The role of development agency

It is important to constantly maintain the interest of registrants and future participants. To do this, the management team needs to respond to questions in instant messengers around the clock, talk about the speakers and the program of the event on social networks, and answer questions in online chat. Posts and mailings after the date of the event allow you to “warm up” the audience also for future events.

Hire Alfee specialists, and you will get more than just a working, bright mobile app or website that actively collects responses to the invitation. You will get the finished result, expressed in the fact that your event will eventually be sold out! Cooperation with Alfee will get your efficient advantage.

Questions for Event Management Website Development

Custom Event Management Software Solutions - what is the main «trick»?

In modern conditions, for the pool of visitors formation, the main thing is to create a high-quality, attractive, interesting site, which at a certain time will flare up like a giant beacon torch, inviting users to the desired event. It will not “burn” for long, but it is very bright! So the main task of the organizers of the event is to attract qualified IT developers who will be able to turn this idea into reality.

What are the Benefits of Event Management Apps & Website Development Services?

Nowadays, people spend almost most of their time on the Internet. So it makes sense to form the target audience for your event in this “eternal source”. The use of specialized applications and websites raises interest in the event, drawing attention to it and potential participants. Simple online banners and advertisements are not as enticing as an interesting app. And hiring the competent creative development team with the only mission to issue an app for wedding or webresource devoted to an Exhibition is right approach.

Event Management Website Design and Development Company - how much does it cost?

The services of companies specializing in the development of sites to attract the customers to events vary in price. The range of budget is wide: from $300 for a one-page landing page to $3,000 for a full-fledged multi-page site. Mobile app development costs even more. But the main thing is quality. First of all, you need to be sure that serious money is paid for a software that will definitely be useful.  

How Alfee can help you develop an event website?

In Alfee any development company or just interested organization gets an access to base of programmers - general or highly-qualified - who can develop a website or app according to all the canons of marketing. (Our employees portfolios form our showcase, our brand).


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

Contact us in a way that is convenient for you or fill out the feedback form!

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