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Event Management App Development Company


Organizers believe that mobile event management apps are essential to the success of their business. So it's not a surprise that the demand for event app development is constantly increasing. It helps businesses to communicate with the attendants, send maps of venues, schedules, etc.

Alfee is an event management app development company that has been delivering top-notch solutions throughout decades. Our experts would be glad to implement their knowledge and experience to build your ideal event management app. Read on to learn more about this kind of IT solutions and the services we render.

What is event management application?

This kind of management applications have become indispensable assistants for the organizers of festivals, conferences and exhibitions, because they allow participants to manage their time, learn everything they need about the course of the event and timely inform about any changes.

So what is actually an event management app? This is a professional software solution for event-specialists and anyone who organizes B2B and B2C meetings - business conferences, seminars, industrial exhibitions, networking meetings, round tables and much more.

Standard app features include the ability to view the necessary day schedule, venue map, speaker and event attendees profiles. In addition, the event application frees organizers from the production of printed materials and helps reduce event planning costs.

At Alfee we create full-fledged mobile applications for ongoing and upcoming events, which will become a convenient source of information for event attendees, an advertising channel for sponsors and a communication tool for organizers.

Why do companies need event management apps?

There are several reasons why companies select event app development. We've done some research and are ready to tell you about the main reasons. Read on to learn more.

Easier registration via event app

Event apps make it easy to organize multiple events. Managing member registration and payment can be carried out just in a few clicks. Today, almost any event app allows users to create, edit, and view events in real time. This service includes an integrated portal where members can sign up electronically. Event apps offer a variety of payment options, allowing users to process payments in real time.

More effective communication with clients

Businesses use event mobile apps not only to create events, but also to provide the necessary information about them, which allows organizers to improve the quality of communication with clients. All clients have the ability to get information about a specific food service or their current location or the exact path to the establishment using an application.

Higher user engagement

Event schedule app for both iOS and Android helps an attendee connect with other app users at the event venue by providing event networking features that facilitate interaction with other attendees by giving them access to location maps, floor plans, event agendas, and schedules. The app also allows event staff to contact attendees via push notifications, keeping everyone updated on what's going on at the whole event.

In live streaming, event booking app can be a great way to gather information from your audience. At an upcoming event, mobile apps give immediate feedback on what attendees liked about the event, whether it lived up to their expectations or not, and what they would like to change.

Where is event app development used?


As an event app development company, Alfee delivers robust solutions applicable in any industry. We've listed the spheres where our event mobile app development services can be applied below:

  • Corporate events. If you need to strengthen your brand image, holding corporate events is a perfect solution. Alfee team is ready to develop an event app on this occasion.
  • Conferences. Thanks to event mobile app development it becomes possible to navigate your conference visitors and keep them updated on the conference progress.
  • Trade shows. With the help of event app development you can showcase your products and services, and even keep the visitors engaged after the trade show.
  • Sports & entertainment. With our mobile app development services you can invite users in a few simple steps, manage the crowd regardless of its size, and increase your app engagement quotient.

Our event app designers are ready to deliver top-notch business solutions, no matter where you plan to use them. Alfee event apps are feature-rich, suitable for iOS and Android mobile platforms, with real time analytics.

What features should a customized event management app have?

Today many mobile app developers go far beyond the standard features included in mobile apps, coming up with additional features. However, we've prepared a list of must have features for an ideal event management app.

Events calendar

With this feature users can take advantage of a built-in calendar to plan future events and remind attendees when they need to come. It's possible to work out event planners and event listings.

Action link

Developers can add buttons for link, location, phone, and email, making the local events app more user-friendly. We recommend to add a link to the actual event for users to share content.


With the upload feature, developers can upload images, audio files, and create galleries, playlists, or ringtones. Thus users can have an enjoyable experience of a comprehensive event app.

Push Notifications

Notifications is the best way to keep event attendees up to date on what's going on at that location. They can also work as a reminder and increase user engagement.


Event management app development allows to add geographic locations, so that users can easily find places on Google map with one click.

As you can see, the tech stack underlying complexity is enormous. Alfee dedicated developers are experienced enough in all this tech stack, and are ready to deliver best apps for successful events.

What are advantages of apps for event management business?


Advantages of event management apps are enormous. First of all they allow your clients to get full program of the event and description of sponsors and partners with active contacts. Moreover, they help manage the crowd, providing detailed information on the scheme of the site and timeline.

Via participants' personal account the client can view check ins, buy tickets, read about news & events, etc. Some event apps even have participant ratings and lists of other events in neighbourhood.

Mobile devices abecome an additional advertising channel. The Partners section is a detailed description of sponsors with logos and active links-contact details. With Alfee event management app, you and your partners will know exactly the number of views of advertising messages and clicks on links.

Our experienced developers also provide the possibility of event booking and design customization for each event management application they create.

Why choose Alfee as your event app development company?


Success of the event management app depends on the mobile app development company you choose to work with. If you cooperate with our experienced team, you are sure to advance your business to a new level. We offer a wide arsenal of mobile development services with a primary goal to increase your event ROI.

Alfee is a mobile app development company with decades of experience and profound knowledge in event app development. No matter how difficult your project is, our experts wil do their utmost to deliver a mobile application with maximum functionality, providing feedback along the whole development process.

Questions for Event Management App Development

How much does it cost to create an event app?

The total cost of the project depends on the country and technologies applied. If you want to have a top-notch project with blockchain technology features and streaming functions, it will cast as much as the average of 5,000 - 30,000 USD. The more features you add, the higher the price will be.

How much does it cost to hire event planning app development company?

If you need to hire an event management app development company, you should be ready to pay 5,000 - 30,000 USD per an application, depending on the features included. At Alfee we offer the best ratio of quality and price, taking into account all your preferences and delivering best-in-class events apps.

Event Management App Development Services

More and more corporate offices choose to build apps arranging events. Alfee company is ready to offer its services to the comfort of your business with targeted marketing and a well-developed product strategy. We will listen to all your preferences and provide you with the best result.

Our Best Event Mobile App Development Services

With Alfee team you can develop a single app for several events inputing minimum effort and spending the least time. We provide excellent virtual experience to all esteemed clients. Our robust software solutions are designed in accordance to the latest technology trends, and are ready to amaze your clients.

Best Event Management App Development Agency

At Alfee we pay special attention to details and minor aspects of each apps for events we deliver. Our app developers do their utmost to provide support and maintenance whenever needed. We have aready delivered hundreds of successful projects in the events industry.

How do you build event management app solutions?

In order to build an event management app, you need to find a reliable and trustworthy development company like Alfee. Start with market research and go on to discuss the features and functionality. Tell us about your design preferences, and we will start working.

Top Event Mobile App Development Company in USA

There are lots of app developers in the sphere of event management, but Afee occupies one of the leading positions in the industry. We have already developed hundreds of successful apps, and we are ready to implement our expertise, delivering a high quality software solution for your company.

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