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ERP Mobile App Development Company

If a small or large firm is unable to run the regular procedure efficiently, their infrastructure may not have essential functions. SMBs that lack realtime data sharing and portability are losing timing and money due largely to ineffective communication and data sharing practices. These features have been widely adopted by enterprise resource plan applications (ERP). Can you list the benefits and disadvantages of your mobile business? Alfee offers an ERP solution adapted in favor of mobile phones, tablets or mobile phones.


Innovative employees and intelligent administration make a company stand out. The technology industry focuses heavily on keeping its employees productive while also improving productivity. Their decision is a seamless and effective method of working. Mobile software proved to be one of the top options. Imagine that you have sales representatives on company trips and they can see company stats and even make deals. There's just one possible use case that can affect efficiency stages.

What are mobile ERP applications?


In the past, enterprise resource planning has been considered an incredibly complex, multidimensional process. Maintaining the current status on projection and sales is critical to the accuracy and successful product development. In the context of increasing business mobility businesses and people are increasingly looking to increase their systems. Mobile ERP program code is designed in favor of smartphones and tablets. This allows business planning to be more accurate and enables greater competitive benefit.

Priority smartphone software is a collection of software products enabling the customer with a variety of different needs. Mobile Application Generator provides non-developers, system administrators or users with simple and effective ways to create a mobile app. Alfee offers tools designed to enhance the development of advanced web apps.

Who uses ERP mobile apps?

ERP apps are widely used across a variety of business users. Modern business reality has many employees on the go – whether on a firm trip, at a meeting, visiting a client, or visiting production equipment.

Examples of a mobile ERP solution

As ERP technology became more based on the cloud ERP program code became more mobile. As web portals and software became applications, ERP also became full-mobile to address customers needing functionality outside a desktop computer. Most ERP decisions offers now offer mobile solutions including Sage, Oracle, SAP NetSuite, Sage. Most smartphone applications are accessible on iOS and Android mobile devices, offering the most varied user base. Although mobile apps may not yet provide the same functionality as their SaaS counterparts, they provide convenience, rate and effectiveness. So let's talk about kinds of software in favor of elaborating ERP app a bit more:

SYSPROOF mobile ERP software development

SYSPRO ERP platform provides manufacturing organizations with a comprehensive implementation system with the producing procedures. The company also provides inventory administrating, financial administrating, time management, and reports & analysis tools. Decision can be delivered on-premises as well as in cloud based environments. SYS PRO allows the organization to organize and control the management aspects in any aspect of its activities through an app. SYSPRO Espresso has been developed and available on iOS and Android smartphone device. It is an easy way in favor of customers to easily find out all about their firm.


NetSuite ERP is a cloud-based company administrating solution which specializes in multiple industry areas and integrates with the back office business processes of SMBs. NetSuite has designed an enterprise resource manager smartphone app for seamless workflows. NetSuite has released the ERP mobile app to iPhone and Android users. The application also provides telematic monitoring in favor of calls and expense reporting. The application provides push notifications for quick acts and helps customers streamline the task when on the move.

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an enterprise software solution that provides software solutions in favor of producing, financial management projects, order administrating, suppliers, and electronic commerce. Oracle's enterpriseOne app will support iOS and Android phones. A user-friendly interface offers data summaries graphically based on pie charts of bars. The display of feature lists gives quick and easy access to details. Users may browse using standard inputs or clear tools or client filters that improve the search results.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX enables a complete ERP system in favor of the production and distribution of products. It has several functions that include the record keeping score, stocktaking control, warehouse administrating, shipping management, manufacturing quality management, asset management and business intelligence. It is available either on site, in the cloud or on premises. Microsoft Dynamics AX is accessible for iPhone, Android, and Windows. Applicants are able to record different expenses online by taking photographs and elaborating and submitting schedules.

IQMS EnterpriseIQ

The EnterpriseIQ ERP application enables organizations to analyze and control all the relevant business information across the deliver circuit. This solution is available as a public/private Cloud decision or a Cloud amenity. IQMS EnterpriseIQs smartphone ERP framework helps organizations to expand manufacturing ERP capacity to mobile devices. It helps consumers access real-time manufacturing info via devices and laptops. Mobile IQ is the first smartphone app specifically designed in favor of Android devices.


Acumatica is a based on cloud ERP Suite offering a variety of business management software involving record keeping administrating, distribution production, time and expense, product finance, CRM, construction, eCommerce and Retail. Acumatica lets you access the system remotely using the application in favor of iOS and Android. Among the mobile applications available are time reporting task tracking notifications, mobile pull notification, cost management and sale orders administrating.

Sage X3

Sage X3 provides software decisions in favor of business intelligence, sales administrating and producing management. It is accessible on premises or as Cloud. Administrators and managers can view the Sage X 3 ERP data via their mobile applications. It is also available to download from iOS for iPhones and iPads. Sales experts can remotely conduct sales research and financial research for businesses without relying on computers.

Develop your ERP strategy for mobile devices


If the advantages meet your anticipation you should look into smartphone ERP apps design. Before moving directly you have to determine a smartphone ERP system in favor of your firm which will suit your needs.

Choose between in-house and outsourcing ERP mobile application development

If we talk about ERP app development it can have several different approaches to transform the idea into a successful product: first variation can be expensive or inconvenient. This second one requires little effort on my part. Some companies often offer better service outsourced than onsite. In our region, mobile app developers charge between $25-50 h whereas in the United States they range between $100 and $250. What cost models can boost revenues? Often the organization offers its clients with a flexible pricing model depending on their necessities and to avoid overpayment. It's an excellent choice in favor of those who have limited budgets.

Think through the target audience for your future mobile ERP apps

In our previous post we had reviewed primarily departments that needed smartphone ERP. You can always choose another position within your firm. But you could agree on sellingpeople being extremely mobile. Respectfully, you need to be prepared for any problems that may arise, such as network connections or security issues and you should also do everything to reduce those difficulties to the minimum. Consider what problems your employees face while working at work and how they can solve them. This applies to both sellers and other workers in the organization as well.

Think of platforms for mobile application for ERP software

Again it is worth thinking about. When the employee is using corporate Android mobiles it would be reasonable for your company to build an Android app without any versions of iOS. If you want to allow your customers to download ERP applications for personal smartphones, you should consider the variant that can be built for both platforms. And then many of us will no longer be using them. Please remember that the different mobile apps take more time and resources. Please evaluate each one with a lot of consideration.

Bet on data security

You must first have a security system in place to ensure no third person can gain access to your company information. Tell them a lot about cybersecurity. It depends entirely on their skills. The ERP Mobile decision gives you valuable data about your employees. You have to look at the different levels in the data tier so that each individual person manages only the data that needs to be used. Also consider which data is able to be saved to your smartphone or tablet without having any storage in it.

Decide on functionality

Despite this technical peculiarity, it might not make it easier for you to apply ERP system as the basis for a smartphone application. Why? Because mobiles and laptops processors are smaller in size than computers. In addition, it is mainly about designing applicant experiences as the screens of smartphone devices are small. You must therefore choose the best features for the employees who are away from computers. The one approach you can see how the functions is transferable is through chat with an application developer.

Consider connectivity issues

This question determines the usefulness of an enterprise smartphone ERP system for specific circumstances. Let us say your employees will meet potential buyers at business meetings far beyond your city or at an outside location. The problem may be that you don't have Internet access to them or there are problems and a solution that you create is useless for them. This can be avoided by leting the storage of data in local files on a mobile device. Remember the safety measures mentioned earlier.

Rely on user experience

Applicant skills make interaction with apps much easier. If we neglect this, it means we are wasting money instead. Your native ERP smartphone app performance should be monitored as the user wants the app to perform as efficiently as their own apps. If this violates the expectation, then the UX could suffer. Is it possible to customise smartphone ERP applications to suit different screen size devices or smaller form determinants (smart phones/tablets)? Apps for smartphones.

Take care of your business


Once a smartphone organization strategy has been developed covering all of these factors, now you are able to start preparing your firm procedure to support this strategy. Mobile ERP App isn't replacing the processes, but works parallel to the processes. Typically, an ERP app will allow you to close or open sales. Never be shy when involved in strategic analysis with end applicants. Mobile ERP planning checklists.

Questions for ERP Mobile App Development

Where to find a Complete Guide to Mobile ERP Development?

To fully understand how best to start elaborating your ERP application, first read our article on this topic. We analyze all the tools in detail. We will explain everything available to you so that after that, you have a clear plan.

What are the most Important Features of Mobile ERP App for iOS and Android?

There are no most important or least. The use of each tool always meets your needs. It is based on what functions are in demand that the tools for implementation, including software, are selected.

What are the benefits of mobile ERP solutions?

The main difference between this approach of application development, unlike others that we are more used to seeing on the market, is specificity. Thanks to this technology, you can individually approach the creation of a product. Choose the software and other auxiliary tools that will accurately meet the tasks.


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