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Online sales market is thriving, but not everyone can succeed in this - competition is high, and buyers are spoiled by quantity and quality of services offered. In such a situation, a company needs a high-quality eCommerce web design project.


Alfee is an eCommerce website development experts. Extensive experience has already helped many companies as to become presentable in the online environment as to increase flow of clients, and as a result, profit. e-Commerce website development involves a fullcycle of work, so in the end you can freely manage content of service, integrate innovations and improve functionality. Our eCommerce website design services is a choice that will change your business for better thanks to modern solutions which each of our eCommerce website design expert is able to implement.

So what can Alfee eCommerce design expert offer you? That's what we'll talk about.

eCommerce Website Development Services that will lead to the success of any business

Face of every online company is its web site, it attracts attention, catches functionality and, of course, makes a profit. That is why our company is aware of the importance of new trends and introduction of modern technologies. Our eCommerce solutions and functions we use are not only the best on market, but also remain flexible, automated and customizable at any given time.

Our eCommerce website design services offer elaboration of a service in which it will be possible to integrate data from several sources, adapt work on site so that it meets company goals. Experience in creating custom eCommerce functionality makes us the best choice for implementing your project, and in combination with eCommerce website service provided, the project is guaranteed success.

  • Increase Online Sales on All Devices: Creating a mobile responsive e-Commerce website allow you to make sales regardless of which device client uses.
  • Electronic Commerce Web sites Developed for Speed: client visits site, sees product of interest, but what happens if there is a problem with ordering, a delay in loading, a system failure? Client is probably lost. This is exactly what latest technology we use allows us to avoid.
  • Robust Electronic Commerce Features & Functionality: Possibilities of eCommerce functionality and fast simple integration are one of main focuses of our attention.

Are you looking for someone who will satisfy your Custom eCommerce Website? Our solutions will appeal to you!

Web sites have brought a lot of new things to a buyer's path when purchasing a product, and how a company sells this product. Our solutions improved the work, level of sales. The whole way: consulting and brainstorming, elaboration, implementation, lead to the fact that the result is multifunctional and attractive, and will be able to do the best to establish the process of working with clients exactly as the customer company wants.

Advantages of our work and cost-effective solutions:

  • Elaboration of individual design. We do not use templates in our work. Each order implies an individual creation of a service in accordance with the goals and needs of business. Our eCommerce website solutions respond to this.
  • Electronic commerce functionality. Knowledge and experience in creating customer services allows you to configure service so it is clear and easy to use for purchases.
  • Data integration. Integration of data transmission channels is an important functionality on which speed and volume of future sales depend, and also simplifies doing company, since you do not need to think about routine transfer tasks.

Alfee is focused on offering eCommerce development solutions to its buyers, such as payment integration, order tracking capability, product availability management, and customer support.

Alfee is an expert in eCommerce Web Design Company, and here are the services we offer


Our eCommerce website development services offer everything you need to enter the market, successfully launch and work with a stream of new buyers, as well as improve work of an existing one.

Creating and opening an eCommerce website framework

Elaboration work begins with the creation of a web site schema, all structural units that are supposed to be developed. To do this, eCommerce web developers discuss all wishes and goals for future functionality of the service. Then you need to work out how design will be implemented in conjunction with software, namely functions. All this helps to understand in advance how much work is supposed to be done and what the result should be.

Individual Website Design

We never use templates in our work. Every e-Commerce website project is an individual elaboration. Regardless of whether you are creating a web site for the first time or upgrading existing ones, you get a high-quality design at output, functionality and work which clearly meets your needs. Result will look great, and the client will forever love such a convenient service that he will return in the future.

Ordering and Credit Card Processing

Depending on how you want to set up payments, we offer you either a basic process or an individual one. In our work, we also integrate with such payment system standards in electronic commerce as Amazon, PayPal and many others.

Customizable functionality of an eCommerce website

Each of us can not only be a company owner himself, but each of us has at least once been a buyer who visits a site to buy something. Remember, have you ever had a desire for a site to have some special, necessary function, but this, unfortunately, was not? As an eCommerce website design & development services company we can develop such functionality as you want.

Integration with ERP / Amazon / eBay / Marketplace

To successfully develop electronic commerce and ensure economic efficiency of such a project, it is often necessary to integrate with a business resource, for example, ERP. Alfee as one of the most successful eCommerce development companies determine the approach for the most effective integration of your service with this system.

Email Marketing Services

If you want to attract customers actively, then do not pass by electronic commerce by email. Our eCommerce marketing experts develop effective strategies, and eCommerce web design process experts create layouts. Working together, specialists create a continuous integration from site to email, which remind your buyers about you.

Importing products and data

Professional eCommerce website design company does not only create a service, but also to integrate data about product, customers and history of past orders, as well as many others. No matter how much data you need to move, we cope with this task and save you from this task.

Development of an eCommerce website focused on SEO

Alfee eCommerce website project meets all the requirements of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Specialists go through the elaboration and implementation path with you, and what is important - they will monitor compliance with all requirements, which will increase ratings and attract buyers.

All of the above confirms the quality of eCommerce design and development services that we provide. Choosing Alfee means signing a sentence for success and self-realization. 

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