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Doctor On-Demand App Development

The world is full of dangers and infections are one of them. The ideal way to avoid the massive spread of viruses is to provide the opportunity to consult with doctors without visiting medical facilities. Doctor on-demand app development is the best for this task.

Medical software not only allows you to receive medical assistance remotely but also simplifies life and helps you monitor your health more effectively. Today this is relevant, so if you want to start a healthcare business, it's time to start.

Creating popular telemedicine apps requires a detailed analysis of ideas, trends, and stages of development. Alfee app development company will talk about the most important nuances that will help make the healthcare path shorter and easier.

Modern Healthcare Trends

To create the most effective telemedicine apps, it is necessary to monitor trends in the medical industry and implement them. Keeping up with the times, you will be able to offer users an up-to-date product for a long period.

Data which analysis by doctor on-demand apps

A large array of data that the telemedicine app can analyze is a definite plus. The analysis allows specialists to predict how much medicine and equipment they need to purchase, and the availability of statistical data allows them to find new ways to improve the current healthcare industry situation.

High-speed connection support

The 5G standard is already available in many countries, so you should consider using this technology in your doctor on-demand app.

Computer and telecommunication technologies

Remote communication between a doctor and a patient is in high demand today. Telehealth applications have become especially popular during the COVID-19 pandemic because social isolation saves lives, and answers to many questions can be obtained during online communication with a specialist in an on-demand doctor app.

Solutions based on artificial intelligence

Many modern apps use artificial intelligence. AI calculations help doctors make more accurate diagnoses and prescribe the right treatment faster. The possibilities of AI are endless and its use in a mobile application should become almost mandatory, especially if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

New cloud technology for telehealth apps

Blockchain divides stored information into secure blocks that cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. Cloud solutions allow physicians to access patient information 24/7, while patients know that their data is securely protected.

Healthcare App Ideas for Your Startup

In addition to the trends to follow to offer a relevant and on-demand product, you need to determine what type of application you will create. There are several options for healthcare apps, including some fairly simple ones that many people use daily. You need to choose what your telemedicine market, your target audience lacks:

  • Application "Doctor on-demand". Such apps offer a list of certified doctors to whom you can make an appointment. Using filters, users can choose a suitable specialist not only by his specialization but also by location, time and cost of admission, user rating, etc. Doctors can add their profiles on their own, but in this case, the app must contain a medical license verification algorithm to exclude the registration of fraudsters.
  • Doctor Appointment Application. The difference between this app and the previous one is that here you can make an appointment with a personal doctor, choose the right time and hold an appointment online. Patients do not need to go anywhere, this is true both during a pandemic and when they feel unwell. Of course, the doctor will not be able to conduct a full examination, but it is easy to give the necessary recommendations and draw up a further plan of action.
  • Reminder app. The purpose of this app is simple - it reminds people to take their medications or perform certain medical tasks (testing, dental appointments, etc.). In our opinion, this feature can be a great addition to the application "doctor's appointment" or any other.
  • Application for monitoring chronic diseases. A vital app for people with chronic diseases. It must be constantly monitored and work stably. The patient enters health data daily, and family doctors monitor them and, if necessary, make recommendations.
  • Fitness applications. Applications for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and monitor their health. With their help, you can track the number of calories consumed and burned, keep a weight tracker, and heart rate level. These apps work best when paired with wearable devices such as fitness bands.

Doctor on-demand Mobile App Development for Patients

One group of telemedicine applications in healthcare are apps designed for the patient - all of which are designed to facilitate contact with doctors, institutions, appointments, and healthcare on an ongoing basis.

There are very popular on-demand doctor apps with which you can find an available appointment with the right doctor in a particular city in a few minutes. Users of iOS and Android devices can use the demand mobile app or doctor appointment booking app, which, taking into account gender, age, and general health reminds them of the dates of medical appointments and preventive examinations recommended by the Ministry of Healthcare. There are also demand doctor apps created in collaboration with doctors.

Online Doctor Appointment App for Medical Specialists

Doctors are increasingly willing to use mobile apps - this area of ​​the global mobile health market is developing very dynamically. Popular among doctors worldwide is a telemedicine app that is a database of professional medical videos representing treatment, operations, and lectures or training dedicated to doctors. Through the app, you can also share your medical videos.

Another popular app developed for our market is the reimbursed drug finder, which allows a doctor to decide which drug to prescribe to a patient quickly. A highly specialized set of medical calculators is available as a doctor on-demand app that calculates indicators, classifies the degree of organ failure, and analyzes diagnostic algorithms.

Benefits of Online Demand Doctor App Development

Quality of medical services is more important than ever in today's patient-centered environment. For this, everything possible is being done on the part of healthcare, and apps also play a huge role. Alfee company has compiled a list of the biggest benefits of the doctor on-demand app development:

  1. 01
    The app facilitates interaction through efficient, patient-centered care, personalized experiences, and knowledge sharing between providers and patients.
  2. 02
    Patients can access and control their medical records and prescription information from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need to visit the hospital.
  3. 03
    Health apps easily store patient medical prescriptions and reports for future reference. When a patient changes doctors, this information can be quickly gathered and used to make quick medical decisions.
  4. 04
    Improved data management. When doctors use practice management apps, they can automatically record valuable patient information from connected devices in the system.
  5. 05
    Quick access to medical history, appointments, and communication with healthcare providers for 24/7 telemedicine visits.
  6. 06
    Improved alerts for prescriptions, appointments with specialists, prescription renewals, and more.

On-demand Doctor App Development Company

Alfee provides a range of solutions to help you create a complete online application for making appointments and providing health services. We understand that developing a robust appointment scheduling app that meets the needs of consumers in the global telemedicine market is a challenge as today's users seek platforms with the most innovative and advanced features. With this in mind, our team of experts has vast experience in in-app advertising and app development to meet the global need for medical help.

The Reasons to Invest in Applications Dedicated to Healthcare Services

The digital healthcare market guarantees limitless possibilities. The number of phone and tablet users is constantly growing. Information is sent out at lightning speed, and mobile sales are among the fastest growing. Therefore, the easiest and currently most effective way to communicate with patients is a doctor appointment booking app.

A mobile website or social media accounts are the bare minima for a company that intends to remain recognizable. A step forward is the release of your own application with the help of Alfee app developers.

Providing On-demand Doctor App Solution

The modern patient picks the maximum clinic functionality, quality service, and access 24 hours a day through various channels. The corresponding mobile app can give the patient the ability to book and cancel appointments, check the schedule of doctors, make appointments for examinations, check their results, manage their medical records, etc.

So far, telemedicine app development solutions and medical services of this type are not very common around the world but everything indicates that every year there will be more and more of them. Computerization and digitalization in healthcare are accelerating, so clinics should open up to technological innovations.

Alfee can help you create high-end solutions. We focus on all important issues ‒ from rules, business models, and industry trends to doctor on-demand app development.

Questions for Doctor App Development

What kind of on-demand doctor app development services can we provide?

Alfee has extensive experience in mobile app development, including doctor on-demand apps. We create products based on any system and software available on the market. Strategy develop, web design, back end and front end development, testing, and implementation - this is one of the most popular packages of our services.  

What benefits of our doctor on-demand application development?

Our doctor on-demand app development services are convenient for both you and your customers. We develop an internal system that provides you with the easiest possible business management. Our doctor on-demand apps provide multi-user support - you will be able to expand your telemedicine app features as your business grows.

How much does it cost the doctor on-demand app development?

It is impossible to estimate exact cost without first knowing the details of the project. We can send you a sample app development cost estimate with details such as team composition, app features, and project requirements. By writing to us in the support we will answer you the most frequently asked questions.


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