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Digital marketing is a field of online marketing that uses digital media to reach customers. It has been growing at a tremendous pace for over 20 years. This development results from the steadily increasing number of Internet users and the potential for the use of the global network. The Internet is becoming more and more attractive to all users ‒ it offers a whole spectrum of possibilities in the sphere of entertainment, information, business, and citizen service.


Digital Marketing Strategies

Marketers define goals and audiences, develop an action plan, and constantly tailor campaigns to the needs of the people and available technology for their best outcome. Through these actions, these strategies set the direction of a given campaign or program and the basis for evaluating results, leads, and conversions.

Now that everything has gone digital, the power of digital marketing has been integrated into almost every aspect of business, revolutionizing the way companies communicate and present their offerings to customers.

Thus, if a company cannot implement a digital marketing strategy in the increasingly growing global online market, it simply cannot maintain a competitive edge and strengthen the brand's online presence.

Types of Digital Marketing Channels

Channels in digital marketing determine the role consumers play by partnering with brands and companies to reach the largest target audience. Digital marketing channels are:

  • Digital devices. A huge audience interacts with websites every day through digital channels, including cellphones, desktop computers, tablets, TVs, etc.
  • Digital platforms. People use different devices by accessing the Internet through a browser or social platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, and so on.
  • Digital media. Various owned, paid, and earned communication online channels, thanks to which you can reach recipients and establish contact with them.
  • Digital Data. Information companies collect about target audiences and their interactions with companies.
  • Digital technology. Companies create interactive experiences based on website and mobile app traffic, kiosks, and in-store email campaigns.

More Details about Social Media Marketing

Social networks are a huge force today no less than offline marketing and should be appreciated by business leaders. Regular publication of social media posts on the web is of particular importance, as well as arousing the involvement and interest of recipients.

Social media is an excellent way to reach specific audiences and establish direct contact with potential customers and partners. The choice of a preferred platform should depend on the characteristics of the customers to whom the message is directed. For example, Facebook is still the largest social networking marketing platform in the world, and Twitter is still popular with business-to-business clients. Different platforms offer various types of content, but most of them are very photo and video oriented.

New platforms will also enter the market over time, so marketers must constantly adapt their online marketing tactics to get the most out of every available platform.

Principles for Conducting Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

There are a number of ways to conduct a digital marketing campaign. Marketers have a wide range of tools, tactics, strategies, and channels to connect with their audience. Overall, these campaigns have several steps in common.

Digital Marketing Efforts to Define the Main Target Ads


Digital marketing is a very vast field, and defining the goals of marketing activities is an important part. Before starting the campaign, you should define the goals of your targeted audience. Setting purposes helps you adjust your strategy and budget to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. The more you know about your audience (age, location, income, etc.), the easier it is to determine how to reach them.

Defining Digital Marketing Tactics

After defining the recipients, you need to choose a method and define the price of reaching them. Suppose a business-to-consumer digital marketer wants to reach younger customers with his message. In that case, he could, for example, spend more of his budget on advertising on specific social media channels, instead of running a blog.

Preparation of Search Engine Optimization of Content

When working with digital marketing, a very important component is the analysis of data in order to find out as much as possible about your recipients. If we know that customers choose to browse mobile applications on their devices than a web page on a laptop, the content offered to them must be optimized for viewing on mobile devices. But customer interactions with brands take place in different channels in a non-linear fashion. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the consistency of the style and marketing message of each content. Maintaining consistency prevents misunderstandings as to the nature and benefits of the products or services offered.

Key Digital Marketing Campaigns Measures

Campaign progress should be properly measured so that the required adjustments can be made. If campaign performance is not measured against predefined key metrics, it will be difficult to tell if the campaign is performing as intended. By measuring the results over time, you can be sure that contact with customers has been established and that you are able to build loyalty and support for a given brand.

Successful Digital Marketing Strategy & Digital Marketing Tactic

Traditional marketing does not lose its relevance to this day. It can exist in print advertising, telephone, or physical marketing, that is, where it is available to any person when he or she is offline. But there are also endless possibilities for brands online, including video, email, social media, or website marketing opportunities - this is also a part of our life called digital marketing.

This type of marketing comprises many options and strategies, including analytics to track the success and profitability of companies, targeted advertising, and non-linear user paths.

Digital Marketing Techniques and Spheres

E-marketing activities are the most dynamic and longest-developing area of ​​digital marketing. Along with technological development, there are new opportunities to reach the recipient. Examples of these changes include individual spheres of digital marketing impact.

E-mail marketing is a form of marketing based on e-mail activities. They consist of the regular sending of messages in the form of a newsletter or the occasional sending of messages regarding the services or products offered. Such marketing activities may be image-building, sales, or educational activities.

The recipient, before receiving the e-mail, voluntarily provides his e-mail address - he has the option to opt-out of receiving content from the sender at any time. A company that wants to use the mailing tool must have consent from the recipient to send marketing messages.

Currently, there are many tools on the market that improve and automate the process of sending electronic messages. Often, such systems are an integral part of the automation of entire marketing campaigns.

Display marketing ‒ a paid banner advertisement displayed on computers and mobile devices. After clicking on the marketing image, the user usually moves to the advertiser's target website. Display advertising can be static or dynamic. There are different types and formats of marketing banners. The advantage of this type of advertising is that this type of advertising attracts the attention of the recipient - it works especially well in image campaigns.

Social media marketing ‒ marketing in social media activities in social media portals aimed at increasing traffic and conversion. The key issue here is the content and quality of the messages communicated. In advertising campaigns on social media, content, graphics, video, and audio are used. Both organic reach and paid advertising campaigns are used in this area.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) ‒ search engine marketing. Most often, SEM advertising campaigns are designed by Google. SEM is all promotional activities aimed at improving the website's visibility in search engines. The term SEM is a broad concept and covers two areas of activity: SEO (website optimization activities to improve its visibility in natural search results) and PPC (website visibility in paid search results, e.g. Google Ads).

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ‒ website optimization. The process of proceedings is aimed at improving the position of a website in organic search engine results (usually Google). This field combines the programming and marketing aspects. SEO activities are long-lasting but require time and consistency, as well as continuous optimization of the website.

Content marketing ‒ or content marketing is a strategy based on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content that will allow you to acquire and maintain a properly defined target audience. Ultimately, content marketing activities are expected to bring tangible benefits to the organization that uses them.

E-commerce marketing ‒ marketing activities focused on online stores and the services and products they offer. E-commerce is about concluding commercial transactions by the principles of business activity using the Internet and new technologies.

Video marketing ‒ a marketing strategy based on the use of film content - both through special video marketing platforms and campaigns and advertising creations on social networks.

Marketing automation ‒ these are activities involving the use of special tools to improve marketing processes and data processing. Thanks to numerous functionalities, automation specialists can adapt the tools to a strictly selected target group and design the entire communication process between the sender and the recipient of messages.

Mobile marketing ‒ strategies and marketing activities dedicated to mobile users (laptops, tablets, mobile phones). Forms of advertising consist in adapting websites and marketing creations to the user's expectations and technical conditions of mobile phones. Due to a large number of users, the so-called mobile is an obligatory element of marketing activities.

Leverage Digital Marketing Work in Different Layers of Society


People spend more and more time browsing social media platforms, and web pages, and devote a lot of attention to the use of mobile devices. This evolution showed new, interesting solutions with which it is possible to identify the consumers' needs, promote products and services to their demands, as well as more effectively distribute the offered goods, and communicate with customers.

The constant development of technology, growing competition, and increasing consumer expectations force companies to adapt their activities to the changes taking place. It is the constantly growing number of Internet users, along with the more frequent and longer period of time they spend on the Internet, that requires constant changes in the way companies advertise themselves.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Important for Business

Today, the business world is undergoing significant changes, mainly due to daily technological improvements. Most businesses will go fully digital, seeing a wide range of opportunities for development through the use of the Internet as an ideal medium. If this area is tested and properly promoted, there can be many good results in terms of business and customers. Here is a list of the top benefits of internet marketing and how it will impact your business.

  1. 01
    A wide audience coverage will allow you to customize SEM activities according to your needs and user profile. Regardless of the industry in which you operate, the range of your products and services will increase significantly thanks to digital marketing.
  2. 02
    Reasonability of results. Marketing in its traditional form is often an investment, the consequences of which are difficult to say. Digital marketing has the advantage that its effects are easily measurable. Advanced analytics tools let you pinpoint which campaigns are generating the most conversions, whether the goal of your marketing efforts is to increase reach or persuade consumers to buy certain products or services.
  3. 03
    Advertising message personalization. With digital marketing, audience targeting is easier than ever before. An ad campaign allows you to create different versions of your ad by setting different bids for each. This will allow users to efficiently search for the goods and services they are interested in. Compare the effects and you'll quickly find out which channel is best for you.
  4. 04
    Cost optimization. Compared to traditional methods, internet marketing has the advantage of being more cost-effective. This can be seen due to various plans such as pay per click where the advertiser only pays when the visitor clicks on something. Moreover, traditional advertising and customer mobilization certainly require more resources. With internet marketing, all this can be done with a neat system of outsourcing agencies and clicks.

Providing Modern Digital Marketing Offers


Alfee marketing team knows the digital technologies and provides current and prospective customers such services as digital advertising, drafting content marketing strategy, email marketing, inbound marketing, and other increasingly important highly relevant attendances.

When developing advertising campaigns, Alfee digital marketers help to better understand users visiting websites, improve the operation of websites, and create transparent and functional websites. We support building a positive image of the company on the Internet, and we are able to make maintaining good relations with clients easier than ever.


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