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Alfee proudly presents the best DevOps services launched, ensuring applications reliability, stability and reusability improvements, enabling contemporary cloud solutions along with a dedicated programmers team involved in each development aspect. Being a responsible vendor, we emphasise new technologies age delivering top-notch frameworks which securely endeavour a software lifetime, implementing ambiguous powerful patterns as an energy efficiency marker.


Long story short, our services include various options, delivered by highly initiative developers team and are as follows:

  1. DevOps Outsourcing, a fast modern software delivery. Involving our DevOps experts, we stipulate all available IT industry available means, undergoing severe selection to be constantly operational. With our company help you get an unbelievable cost-consciousness level, supported by indescribable possibilities spectrum.
  2. Effective Cloud Solutions. Using SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, our DevOps professionals seek each possibility to deliver applications with minimum customers’ computers load required. Using a single core server, we put an entire data there, providing prompt clients ensuring continuous access to the renewable storage, keeping your machines safe.
  3. IT infrastructure optimisation. Nevertheless if you have a TOP enterprise company, or the beginning one, it’s time to care about organisational issues, easily occurring throughout the business lifetime, Appealing to own knowledge or experience is right, but you should trust this job to professionals who maintain your digital world keeping it polished and flourishing.
  4. Effective support & management. Developing software is not the only Alfee company function, as our DevOps team renders assistance long after development process completion, resolving problems, seeking suitable answers and devouring ground-breaking solutions ever been used before.

Such an intriguing beginning, right? But we’ll dive much deeper, evaluating common benefits from DevOps teams constant assistance, reintegrating your own confidence into digital trigonometry of uneasy enterprise matters.

What DevOps Services & Solutions do we propose?


Basically, DevOps company stands between IT operations, quality checking and development itself. It’s a sort of connecting link, which coordinates different departments during the entire service job flow, reflecting each sphere as a working mechanism. Delighted customers always talk more about DevOps, as by Development & Operations we mean a project heart, fighting to achieve each application functionality.

Alfee company delivers such service features making them ultimately available to each client:

Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD)

We involve only the most initiative specialists teams for maintaining supply chain service in spite of continuous integration (CI) / continuous delivery (CD) ensuring. CI relates to agile practices, which prescribes small code changes performed via short commits. This technology allows continuous deployment: if the code passes CI/CD-conveyer successfully, builds automatically deploy in the production environment.

Employees augmentation

We care about your business growth, so outsourcing service models implementation is welcomed. Regardless of your staff number, there is always a possibility to order our DevOps teams, expanding the existing ones to needed scales, which significantly raises success chances. As a leading company, we guarantee spectacular results obtained from such mutual agreement deployed with customers.

Technical Support & Secure Backup Management

Ready software products have an unfortunate spoiling tendency, resulting in applications data loss, caused by hardware failures or careless network service behaviour. But Alfee company has all means to help with such an uncomfortable trial, applying the following solution technologies: Nagios, Zabbix, NewRelic, Graphite and many others. Backup is utmostly important in a project lifecycle endurance, supporting data integrity, kept in special secure places.

Software / Application Marketplace Release


Even the most ideal software needs a qualified promotion company service to be actually downloaded. That’s why after our DevOps engineers, a marketologists team steps into the project. Elaborating a strong cooperation, we present such inevitable solution mechanisms: Project Management systems, Delivery and Release Planning Systems, VCS, etc. They are designed specially suiting your product popularity, increasing which finally results in ultimate users demand.

Integrating with third-party applications

Alfee company highly educated specialists teams assist with third-party software installation, such as: artefact repositories, databases, message brokers, search engines, application and web servers, project management systems, bug tracking and beyond, ensuring a full compatibility with any operating system, mobile or desktop.

Applications Reassembling Automation Systems

We direct Assembly Lines service to connect different software groups in one, assuring perfect solutions interaction algorithms which form a one single system of consistent components, working together or apart equally well.

Which Cloud Platforms do we adopt?

Of course, DevOps software services remain a strong heart, beating somewhere inside your project engine, but we have to highlight the exact technologies used empowering remote applications functionality. Bringing DevOps outsourcing software services, our company instils such attractive popular solutions done by third-party organizations.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Brilliant Azure technologies allow to deploy, build and support all software application levels, from simple to really complicated, applying minimum necessary efforts. Being one of the most demanded technologies, Azure team assists in DevOps toolchain orchestrating, rebuilding a whole process determination from scratch. This solution perfectly suits those who use Microsoft company products or is deeply connected with them.

The most popular Azure users are Boeing, eBay and Samsung.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon brings stipulated software application solutions, embodied in development engines, ensuring a wide company industry range. Being one of the most demanded computer platforms, AWF perfectly suits mostly for small or medium-size companies, though industrial giants use Amazon DevOps team services as well

Among AWS customers you may see: Twitch, Netflix, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Google Cloud Platform Services

Google forms a powerful company infrastructure, empowering highly scalable applications development. With GCP means you are able to project, deploy and release universal great software, websites or online solutions. Connected directly with Google, which provides hiring dedicated DevOps teams delivering its own possibilities in Artificial Intelligence engines, Big Data processing Tools, Machine Learning, container support, etc.

Most honourable GCP users are: Spotify, Coca Cola, Snapchat, etc.

DigitalOCEAN unbounded  


DigitalOCEAN suits companies which need remote DevOps consulting services of minimal scale empowering stable solutions. No frills, only essential software coming along with network-heavy applications, such as video or VPN.

The most valuable DigitalOCEAN solution customers are: BlaBlaCar company, Accenture, GitLab.

Considering Devops company tools we use, there is a shortlist for your perusal, compiling a necessary information in brief:

  1. BitBucket. A software hosting service, simplifying teams collaboration.
  2. GitHub. A powerful applications code hosting tool, produced by Git means.
  3. Jenkins. Jenkins is an open-source extensible Continuous Delivery solution and Continuous Integration automation server solution used by highly educated teams to reliably deploy, build and test software.
  4. Selenium. Selenium provides a playback/record tool, helpful in authoring tests without learning a test scripting language.
  5. SonarQube. SonarQube is an open-source platform for continuous software application code quality inspection. It performs automatic reviews including code static analysis to detect code smells, bugs and security vulnerabilities.
  6. Xcode. Xcode is a development tool, helping all programmers to fully integrate with Microsoft powerful solutions for managing the entire teams’ application lifecycle.
  7. Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system, deploying application automating, scaling, and management.
  8. Chef. It is adapted to streamline the software configuration task solution and manage the company's server. It has the capability to get integrated with any cloud technology. In the DevOps team, we use Chef to deploy and manage servers and applications in-house and on the cloud.
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