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Dating Website Development

Online dating website is really popular and interesting resource at present. Their functionality can only be compared with social networks. However, this type of resource is much simpler and created for a narrow audience where users are looking for friends or a soul mate.


Many people try to create dating websites from scratch on their own. However, in this case, you need to prepare a plan in advance with a step-by-step algorithm and thoughtful steps. It is important to note that after manufacturing, you will also need to promote the site so that it is active, people communicate with each other and share information about the online dating website with their friends.

Despite the fact that now there are many free designers for developing resources, we still recommend contacting professionals. Such as the developers from Alfee. Our specialists are highly qualified and will definitely take into account all the requirements and wishes of customers. And most importantly, you will be able to save the most important resource - time.

Professional creation of online dating website

The Internet serves as a place for communication, so starting an online dating site can be a really good idea. Many people use the web to work and keep in touch with friends. However, what prevents you from making friends with strangers? Typically, resources of this type have a lot of regular visitors, so the development of such a project can also be a fairly profitable solution.

In addition, for the owner of this resource it forms a structured audience that can be shown highly effective advertising. Professionalism here is precisely in being able to create a functional project (corresponding to its purpose - a dating site) and at the same time open the horizons of development and new profits to the owner of the resource.

Alfee developers are specialists not only in creating software products, but also in marketing and promotion. They represent the value of the tools that the owner of a dating site acquires, and will do everything possible to make your own dating site work as efficiently as possible to attract an audience. This is what makes our programmers real professionals.

Features of the successful dating website development


The modern custom development of complex websites for organizing online dating today is quite a promising undertaking. But first, some marketing business analysis. People put up with loneliness for three main reasons:

  • lack of time and moral fatigue;
  • unwillingness to get acquainted “on the streets”;
  • constraint.

However, such resources make it possible for everyone to find an interlocutor or even a soul mate on their pages. There are also many opportunities for the project owner on the online dating market, for example:

  1. 01
    introduction of paid gifts;
  2. 02
    conclusion of the questionnaire in the rating according to certain criteria;
  3. 03
    showing ads to a segmented audience.

Today, there are a lot of services (online dating website developers) that offer to automatically create a resource for some client requirements. But it is worth remembering that there can be no completely free and high-quality offer. Such projects have a significantly reduced functionality, which is undesirable for such a dating website. In view of the vast competition, you can only rely on a unique product designed according to an individual layout. That is why Alfee offers to hire software specialists to put the idea of to create a dating website into practice. In this case, the efficiency of work will be as high as possible.

Turnkey own dating website development

A dating site is one of the varieties of entertainment resources designed for users to communicate within it. Professional development of business idea and consistent promotion of such a dating website in the Internet includes the creation of the following important components:

  • A personal account for each user, where he will be able to edit data (the intended profile with advanced features will contain all relevant information about the user, including photos, video and audio materials).
  • Block of personal messages.
  • Convenient search for acquaintances (a portal of this format should allow you to find friends according to certain criteria).
  • Payment systems.
  • Secondary blocks for communication, such as video chat, forums, video call features, any other video communications which allow dating online (text messages, depending on the type of resource, provide an opportunity to exchange private messages between users, or move the entire dialogue to a common forum or chat).
  • TOP visitors.

There are several options for making such a project:

  1. 01
    dating website from scratch (and app development too);
  2. 02
    when using CMS (Wordpress, Bitrix, Joomla and others);
  3. 03
    order to the web studio;
  4. 04
    production of a resource through affiliate programs of already existing dating sites.

Are you sure that you have all the necessary knowledge and competencies to design a structure efficiently and quickly, to prototype a site, to develope a dating web design, to test (bug fixing) and the most difficult thing - to promote ready dating website? If you are not sure, then the most reasonable solution would be to hire a team of Alfee professional dating site developers by entering into smart contracts with them. You will receive a high-quality software product by a predetermined deadline.

Stages of developing an online dating websites

Alfee programmers have experience in developing dating sites of various formats (up to virtual marriage agencies). Our specialists will provide you with a high-quality service that will definitely become in demand and will please the result of numerous users. Hire development team of our experts and you will not be disappointed with the result.

The procedure for creating this type of dating websites consists of the following stages:

  • Buying a domain;
  • Direct production of dating app and dating website;
  • Selection of a strategy for search engine promotion sites (often occurs through optimization and selection of key queries);
  • Conversion audit and profit making.

To create a dating website is not all - promotion issues


The fastest way to promote mobile dating apps or dating websites is to send spam. No matter how much people don't love spam, there is no cheaper and faster method of distributing the information you need. You should carefully consider the method of submitting the material and the criteria for mailing, otherwise the spam mailing will not bring the desired results.

A simple but costly way is advertising. There are many sites on the Internet that are ready to host a link to your dating website for a fee (not for free). However, everything is not so simple here either. First, you need to think carefully about who your target audience is and what web pages they most often view. Secondly, in order to have an effect, advertising must "catch".

Alfee "dating industry" specialists work on other algorithms. Why “bomb” the target audience with spam, sending it to email addresses, if there are social networks and officially approved robots that effectively (and most importantly, legally) work with a segmented audience while realising marketing campaign. By inviting people to visit the site through a conversation, rather than forcing it by spamming a postal address, you can achieve much more results. And most importantly, to keep your professional reputation unsullied.

Features of dating website design

First of all, get a domain for your future dating website. His name should be memorable but at the same time not very complex and short enough. This is a required step. Then it's time to think about its content. And first of all, you should pay special attention to the following points:

  1. 01
    Attractive design - concise, but at the same time not clumsy, in line with fashion trends.
  2. 02
    Usability or ease of use - the interface should be intuitive, all the buttons necessary for users are always at hand.
  3. 03
    Thoughtful profiles of participants that allow you to post a variety of information about yourself, make notes, quickly update photos, and so on.
  4. 04
    Additional extensions that will make using your dating website even more comfortable and in demand.
  5. 05
    Multilingual - the greater the reach of the audience, the greater your profit, so think in advance about the possibility of translating your dating website into at least the most popular languages in the world.

Finally, when the resource is almost ready, the most important and, perhaps, the most difficult moment comes - promotion. Be prepared that it will take more than one or two months, and will also require considerable financial investments on your part.

However, if you rely on highly qualified website builders from Alfee, then the promotion stage can be significantly reduced (in terms of time but not in terms of efficiency). Our employees are professional marketers in the field of such a service as web development, and have not only knowledge in the field of software coding but also in the promotion field of new developments.

How much does it cost to build a dating website


To find out the cost of creating a dating website (with dating app), you need to contact Alfee managers and tell them at the very beginning about the tasks that you set before creating a new social mini network (new website). Only after studying all the requirements and specifics of the task, analyzing the customer audience, potentional internet traffic, and understanding how competitive the environment is in this topic, our specialists will be able to say the exact cost of your future social media platform. In any case, hiring a team of specialists for a such specific project as to develop a dating website will cost you much less than contacting an agency or even on your own development.

Questions for Dating Website Development

What is the Best Custom Dating Website Development Company?

We recommend that you do not contact any specific companies but hire specialists in your staff to work on the project. Employment is carried out according to smart contracts, which stipulate everything: both the responsibility of the parties, and the guarantees of the developers, and their fee in case of successful completion of the project.

Only working in close contact with customers will give developers the opportunity to show all their abilities. And here the question arises - where to find such highly qualified specialists? Call to Alfee - we have hundreds of experienced professionals from whom you can choose a team to implement your project. We will be glad to start cooperation with you.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Dating Website?

It all depends on the requirements that you place on the future resource. And to tell you the truth, there are a lot of parameters here. So the issue of determining the cost may take more than one week. And the main thing here is not to change your wishes during the development of the dating site (and mobile app), otherwise all deadlines can be broken.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

Contact us in a way that is convenient for you or fill out the feedback form!

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