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On-Demand Crowdfunding App Development Company

In the recent past, the market invented the attraction of financing for any project from an approaching party that does not meet with another presence - individuals and legal entities. Attention, we can say that we are talking about raising funds from the "crowd", and therefore a platform that pursue the goal of implementing this process, aimed at extreme funding (literally: "crowd" – the crowd; "financing" – funding).

It should be noted right away that the collection / attraction of funds is carried out in three different ways: by donation crowdfunding, using a formalized crowdfunding procedure; or through crowdfunding (it's completely called "equity crowdfunding").

The Internet platform is the most important part of crowdfunding. This is a website that aims to aggregate free, including venture capital for people who can use this money to finance projects that generate added value. The right crowd funding platform is designed to connect this enterprise and venture capitalists – the people, who are ready to make risky investments.

How to create a crowdfunding platform without code?

When organizing crowdfunding, you should never contact developers who have no experience in organizing platforms of this kind. Let's say more: if you contact crooks during the implementation of such a project, you can run into outright scammers who can specifically put an algorithm into the software product to steal the collected money. Let us analyze the sequence of actions for the implementation of the project, not only the creation of a crowdfunding platforms, but also the successful attraction of funding with its help.

Carrying out market analysis (for, e.g., crowdfunding for app development)

First, collect information about the market in which you intend to invest the collected funds. This is necessary to make a presentation of your project. Any website dedicated to crowdfunding should contain a comprehensive overview of your project so that potential investors can be convinced of the prospects of such investments.

In addition, the project organizer must have a clear idea (e.g., app idea) of what stages the fundraising will be divided into, as well as the method of paying dividends on it. It is also necessary to reasonably choose the funding format: either it will be a donation, or crowdfunding, or crowdlending.

Creating a business plan for crowdfunding campaign

You need to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the prospects of your project. Perhaps it seems interesting only to you, but potential investors do not share your views on your idea of mobile app development at all. Or maybe it makes sense to slightly modify the goals of the project in order to make it more preferable in the investors eyes. Here you need to conduct an in-depth marketing analysis of the product that is supposed to be launched on the market.

But it will be much easier to embed a chat or even a forum in the website (or in the corresponding mobile application), where interested users can exchange opinions, including those regarding your project. After a long period of tracking and analyzing opinions, it would be wise to correct the project itself and change the platform (at least in terms of the presentation).

It is also required to carefully consider the organizational structure of the enterprise being created so that it does not seem too cumbersome to potential investors.

Alfee's crowdfunding specialists are in fact multidisciplinary experts not only in the field of process management, but also in marketing when presenting a project to an unlimited circle of users. You can hire separate marketers and separate programmers, or you can invite a modest team of professional developers from Alfee.

Attractive UX design for crowdfunding applications

A crowdfunding Internet platform should not only inform users about the project, but also smoothly lead them to invest. This means that developers should not have any alternatives on what to focus on: UX design or functionality. Both must be of the same quality.

A clear step-by-step sequence of actions should be created for users, which will smoothly lead them to the idea of investing. Users should be able to evaluate the list of other investors, get acquainted in detail with the nuances of the project implementation (with its calendar plan). In addition, the platform should provide a mechanism for the implementation of investment in case of readiness.

The key to good UX design is a user-friendly interface. The site must be made at a high artistic level, must be adaptable to different devices and playback resources, and in addition, the site must have the possibility of feedback.

App crowdfunding platform development

The development of the platform should be carried out exclusively by professionals with experience in creating such software products. Users around the world are increasingly using smartphones to access the Internet, and therefore the crowdfunding platform must be adapted not only for use on computers, but also on smartphones. Therefore, the creation of a software product must be accompanied by app development process.

Entrust the creation of the platform to a team of specialists from Alfee, and you will receive a quality website created at the highest technical level. We vouch for the quality performance of this software and bear full responsibility for it.

Crowdfunding platforms testing

The project organizer must carefully accept the results of the work, for which he must personally test:

  • Develop design quality criteria against which you will base your analysis.
  • Evaluate how the platform respects the rights of investors. First of all, we are talking about confidentiality. How resistant is the created platform to hacking?
  • Assess the speed of the system. It is unacceptable for each menu item to load for tens of seconds – this way the user will never get to the moment of investment. Fast response time means well-written code – it's kind of a sign of development quality.

Other requirements may be added to this list. Acceptance should be carried out in close cooperation with the development team. Alfee always insists on a painstaking handover process by its employees to make sure that all the initial requirements of the employer are satisfied.

MVP launch

If you launch a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) on the market, you will be able to get the first feedback from users and, if necessary, make adjustments accordingly. Next, you can identify cost-effective audience acquisition methods. This will help you keep your target audience interested in you and your project.

However, before starting to implement all the steps outlined above, think about whether you have enough competent personnel to make your idea a reality. Do you have such specialists available? Not? Remember, any crowdfunding platform is a big money project. That is why it is not recommended to hire unverified "third parties and performers" here. But you can hire a team of experienced developers from Alfee. We vouch for the competence of our specialists, and also guarantee the absolute security and confidentiality of the development of any crowdfunding application.

List of functions of crowdfunding platform development

The crowdfunding platform has a list of features that are different for each category of users. Developers are obliged to provide for them and make the process of their implementation as efficient as possible.

Administrator Features

Administration of a crowdfunding platform is impossible without broad powers that allow for regulatory functionality. Consider these powers, which the organizers will inevitably have to delegate to competent and reliable specialists:

  1. 01
    Providing different accounts. This will allow you to keep track of which one of the service specialists performed a particular task. Firstly, it will allow personalizing responsibility, and secondly, it will allow for the prevention of malicious actions, which will increase the confidence of potential investors who understand the structure and true value of web products.
  2. 02
    Account management technology. Thanks to them, you can understand the intentions of potential investors who have already created personal accounts on the platform, but have not yet deposited money. Tracking the actions performed in personal accounts allows you to quickly track the implementation of the project.
  3. 03
    Risk management. Unfortunately, not all users have good intentions. Among them, there are those that can jeopardize the project. By monitoring and analyzing content from the chat, as well as from personal accounts, you can stop the danger in time. To do this, administrators must have the appropriate rights.

Features for members

The most valuable thing that a potential project investor can bring, apart from money, is the experience of participating in other companies, which he can share with other co-investors, thereby encouraging them to participate in financing this project. The platform should provide such users with the technical ability to communicate (access to an internal chat, forum).

It is also necessary that the registration procedure is not too complicated, otherwise it will only scare away potential investors. In this case, the integration of the platform with social networks (Google, Facebook or Twitter) helps a lot. It is necessary to make sure that the web resource requests data from there and does not require filling in endless fields.

Platform owner functionality

Options for the project organizer should include:

  1. 01
    Formation of your own account.
  2. 02
    Profile editing.
  3. 03
    Functions for editing content on the site.
  4. 04
    Investment process management.

It is possible to provide for the initiators of crowdfunding the possibility of adding other "initiatives" (methods, formats) of additional fundraising (e.g. reward based crowdfunding or peer to peer crowdfunding). In addition, platform owners must have access to information about how they raise funds to complete the campaign in time when funding goal is acchieved and they raise enough money.

In order to implement all the specified functionality and principles during the development of the platform, such a web project should be entrusted to exclusively competent specialists, to whose work, firstly, there will be no claims from the technical side, secondly, who will be able to ensure the security of the platform, and thirdly , whose professionalism can be initially “tracked” (through the study of their portfolio). Contact Alfee – we have just such specialists!

Crowdfunding app development cost

Of course, the work of a team of high-class IT developers is paid quite expensively, and the services provided by Alfee (e.g.) also have their own cost. However, efficiency of investment crowdfunding app development depends on the time of yours. And if you need a result then the time factor will be extremely important . And if you hire individual developers in the open market, then their uncoordinated work will definitely cost you a lot more. And first of all, because of the time losses.

In order to implement all the specified functionality and principles during app development project, such a web resource should be entrusted to exclusively competent specialists, to whose work, firstly, there will be no claims from the technical side, secondly, who will be able to ensure the security of the platform, and thirdly , whose professionalism can be initially “tracked” (through the study of their portfolio). Best solution is to contact Alfee – we have just such crowdfunding apps specialists! And you can hire any of them based on formal agreement.

Questions for Crowdfunding App Development

How much does it cost to develop a crowdfunding app?

The cost of setting up a typical crowdfunding network ranges from $60,000 to $230,000. These is initial investment, and by the way, you need flexible funding. However, if you try to create a team of developers from freelancers, which you will find on specialized Internet sites (electronic marketplace), just take my word for it – it will turn out to be more expensive (this is obvious).

Online Crowdfunding App Development – how much time does it take?

The standard for the development of any application in terms of time at the present stage is 2-2.5 months. However, if you prefer to accept specialists in whose competence there are significant doubts, then you may not be able to cope even in six months.

What are the Benefits of Crowdfunding App Development – why not to use existing app?

Different entrepreneurs prefer to develop their own platform, which is tailored specifically to their goals and objectives. And if it is developed by professionals from Alfee, then in addition to everything, you also receive security and confidentiality guarantees.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

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