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How to Create a Booking Website Like Booking.com

Do you remember when you booked an accommodation online? I'd say that happened quite awhile back. Almost everyone else is doing it. When making reservations in favor of accommodation, 69% said they were looking for comfort. Online bookings of hotels offer easy bookings and payments. Most Americans like booking hotels online (82%). The industry's overall online hotel revenues increased to 570 billion between 2017 and 2022. Hotel business is in shambles in 2019. It's slowly regaining importance. Hotels have seen twice as many visits to bookings websites as during winter 2020.

Online bookings are a big business trend in travel. People travel as part of leisure or business travel. Many travelers require assistance when preparing to travel. Internet travellers marketplaces provide convenient and simply access to accommodations, flights, car rentals and taxis from any place. Booking.com is one of the largest travel sites offering online booking amenities and is accessible in several languages. Statista says that only 23 % of Americans would like to book a hotel online, whereas the remainder prefer to book online. So if you will solve to create a booking website like Booking.com Alfee is the top variant.

How can I build a website like Booking.com?

Almost all our vacation memory starts with searches on Booking.net. I remember that I booked a trip five years ago. I was initially a little skeptical but quickly was pleased. I had to elaborate my personal online profile for a new home to pay in favor of the rent. All things are really intuitive. Despite changes in some areas of my life, the website still has my pleasure. Can we do the exact same thing as above? Tell me the best approach for this?

When technology advances, people, especially younger generations, have a more secure online travel reservation system. How should we make our hotel reservation website readable? Online travel is definitely gaining momentum. Internet booking services eliminate the old cliché style of people sitting in queues to buy tickets. Aside from the booking.net site, Kayak provides one-stop convenient support in favor of accommodation, flight booking and accommodation, and many other things.

Statistica estimates that 88% of all travellers will opt in favor of the second option as it's simpler, cheaper and doesn't demand any communication. If we booked a car or restaurant reservation, a place on an excursion or diving trip, we had the same scenario. For resourceful entrepreneurs this will become a goldmine and you may also reserve almost anything so you can earn some decent income.

Hotel booking market: Advantages of online booking systems

The global travel sector currently represents $1.6 trillion. The travel sector currently represents one-tenth of global GDP, which is measured in terms of the value of all final purchases or services. Its hotel business contributes heavily to tourism. In 2019 hotel and resort lists were 700,000. Online hotels will be worth an estimated 174m worldwide by 2020 according.

What is Booking.com?

The web site Booking.com has helped people find online hotels in favor of their stay for the past 20 years. It is now part of Priceline and represents two-quarters of the organization. Booking.org Initially provided only hotels but now offers an extensive variety of accommodation choices, flight tickets, rental cars and transportation. The idea behind Booking.com consists of the following: Accommodation Owners work directly with the market sharing listing info.

Booking.com is an SEO search engine. Booking is dedicated to delivering an open platform to make booking easy and convenient across many continents. Booking.com not only offers hotel and car booking and flight booking amenity. Booking.com is the leading online booking web site in the world. It provides services to almost 9550,000+ guests.

Hotel booking engine concept

Show some of the booking options on the Web Project web site - a description of the work of your website. When designing online reservation systems you need to choose between two things: the amenity or object of reservation. It's available that you book a hotel, room for a conference, a parking place or a place to travel in favor of a tourist space flight. Known examples: Market places (aggregation) and the amenities provided by an independent firm.

Mandatory online hotel reservation platform features

Simple searches! The faster an applicant finds his requirements on your framework, the better, because they will make your page more attractive and useful. The framework search system must be convenient for the following purposes: accessibility calendar. The display of the reservation calendar lets applicants to request detailed verification of availability. These options are optional, and greatly enhance applicant skills. Such an example is a typical booking calendar: accessibility calendar for Airbnb.

Approaches of building a website like Booking.com

Links from another web site. Linking your framework is one easy and effective way of elaborating a reservation system, doesn't mean development, nor integration. The program is simple to understand, requires no programming and web designing experiences, but is free too. There're huge benefits that could be beneficial if such an initiative could help us to elaborate more than just templates for information listing. Advantages of such info lists: Make money through advertising programs or referrers. Add Item.

Some essential benefits of creating a hotel app like Booking.com

The best part is an instant update of availability in favor of the accommodation across any website. Likewise, it eliminates the availability of overbooking and smooths the procedures of pre-and post-travel. Move manual work to automated systems. Integrating hotels with the hotel booking web site provides opportunities to track the information about the booking process. An intelligent way of operating your hotel.

Tell me the Best Way to build a Booking System?

When evaluating upcoming booking frameworks, the best way would be to first investigate competitors. Tell them about the needs of their consumers. Maybe a traveller needs more hotels with pets allowed? Do you have specific requirements in favor of hypoallergenic beds?

Know your competitors in the sphere of hotel booking websites

There are many travel sites similar to Booking.com and so your niche is essential. Booking.com currently competes with the biggest brands such as Trivago, Airbnb and TripAdvisor. You should understand your clients to get the top available result. It's helpful to discover other people who have the same needs. Having knowledge on this basis is important in favor of a good business. Perhaps clients are seeking a hotel that includes a hot tub? Can you stay at Hoteljacuzzi or explore the area you're interested in? Success means going through failure and success with no lost enthusiasm,” Winston Churchill said.

Why do startups of hotel booking website fail?

Statistics indicate that most startup fails in less than a week. This is not a threat to your health, but a way to educate yourself about some very common concerns. The obvious reason for failures is inability to elaborate an update project. As i mentioned, this marketplace carries many booking options which requires you to elaborate something unique. A second issue was the inadequate amount of resources. This can be resolved if one prepares an enterprise plan and estimates the time and resources that are needed in favor of the final production. Other causes of failure are poor sales and an unreliable interface.

Backend programming

Backend development can talk with you on how you should structure such a website. It will be useful to inform him about what tools are needed to make the reservation. The elaboration team will build models/graphs of what is needed to make it happen. After your feedback is approved, code starts. But the front-end of web sites are parts of the website that aren't visible to the end users and are important. Validated Server, Route from page to page field and safety issues. Alfee team at Seleo applies Scrum to keep you informed.

Validate your idea of building online booking websites like Booking.com

Startups can be risky, but they're essential to keep an eye on their product. It's a greate approach to validate the ideas before preparing a business plan. Many startups choose to outsource the elaboration of solutions in favor of them. Obviously the experienced team in engineering can assist with the details. By speaking to the Alfee team you're able to find answers to your own issues and estimate the time needed to complete your project.

Front-end coding

While Backend is currently undergoing development (or even completed), the frontend teams move the designing into program in favor of elaboration later on. Creations work closely alongside our graphics team for the most optimal product possible. Our code is tested in all browser versions to make sure that your software is not having any bugs or problems. Please contact us for more details.

Offer discounts

When you first start, you may have trouble getting reviews or ratings. Most applicants prefer a website if it's credible. Personally, it seems like an effective way to provide access to premium services, at least in favor of the first week or month. There's the option to lower the cost and discounts too. It is possible you can attract customers and elaborate loyalty.


A useful but simple and intuitive applicant interface is vital to any web site. During that process, you need to define what you expect. When discussing an invention they will ask the developer in favor of specifics about the invention. Afterwards you're able to design a mockup.

How much does it cost to create a website like Booking.com?

It is the issue without answers. Pricing varies according to various variables including equipment applied, design functions. It's more difficult in favor of a web engineer to develop.

How to make money on a booking site? Agency business model

Travel companies use three various business models for making income: ad business model, retail business model and agency business model. The dominant one will be chosen, however apply other websites like Booking.com:

  1. 01
    Agency business model - Booking.com. Booking.com is a model in favor of organizations. TravelWeb is the link between traveller and amenity provider which collects fees for every sale. Booking.com charges between 10% and 30% on all transactions. The firm also includes merchant business and ad businesses, with 19.6% and 6.6% of revenue;
  2. 02
    Merchant business model - Expedia. In this model the web site is a retailer where bookings are performed directly from a web site. The travel firm purchases dozens of hotels or apartments to resell on the web sites;
  3. 03
    Advertising business model - TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor generates revenues through cost-per-click advertising on its website. Advertisers pay TripAdvisor charges by clicking links which take a applicant to advertiser web sites.

Tell me the main feature if I decide to make a website like Booking.com?

How much would it cost you to elaborate an online travel web site largely relies upon what it is based on. It's suggested to look at Booking.com's standard tool sets in favor of clients:

  • Ratings and overviews. Ratings are important for a business's web site. It helps in identifying products or services relied on their qualification. Booking.com gives clients a difference of ratings including costs, reviews, stars, best choices and many others. Reviews are shown when the applicant opens a hotel website. Reviews help travelers establish a trusting relationship with the amenities and help them increase the amenity offerings;
  • Geolocation function and maps integration. Booking.com can identify the position of applicants and provide personal services. It offers a map integration in favor of searching for sights. It's a suitable choice for users searching for particular locations or selecting accommodations close to a special place;
  • Booking management. When you register for an online reservation, your confirmation will be sent immediately. Owners can manage their entire reservation and cancel at any time at no price. Hotels and landlords are able to view booking data on their reservation form;
  • Property management. Initially the firm has to open a web site and log in to rent the property. In property owners accounts, the owner can add properties and delete them;
  • Signup. Applicant registration is easy if the registration website accepts Facebook or Google. It's also possible. Logging into Facebook is the most convenient way to eliminate traditional forms that can turn away potential clients;
  • Notifications. The Booking.com site provides the customer with information via e-mail or IM regarding promotions. It's possible to apply Booking.net in Chrome, which will alert you about anything related to the trip;
  • User dashboard. All booking details can be found in the dashboard of your account. The applicant has the option to update information from the accounts;
  • Personal accounts. Applicants can view their accounts whenever a comment is made on their blog or posted photos.

What to expect when building a travel marketplace?

Many web sites are plagued by problems. Unless you've heard of this before, you can't prevent it. How do I find an option?

High competition

Travel marketplaces are full of products. Some players such as Booking.com, Expedia, TripAdvisor and TripAdvisor are in their niche and this makes it a challenge to obtain a competitive edge.Decision to startups is to target a smaller niche, for example. By selecting the best niche on your travel site, you increase opportunities of succeeding. If you'd like to find a person who shares your needs with someone else, then they're able easily to understand their necessities and behaviors. Know what the best clients are - this contributes you develop a winning marketing strategic.

Questions for building a website like Booking.com

How much does it cost to build a booking app?

What are some typical costs of building travel reservations apps in favor of the travel industry? Travel bookings apps in the travel industry normally cost $7500. It can cost anywhere from $5k up to 10k.

How much time does it take to make a website like Booking.com?

The time will depend on? what functionality will the project need to include and from that? which development team will you hire. Experienced people will do the work faster and better, but more expensive. If you need a project in a specific time frame and without compromising quality, contact Alfee, we will advise you specifically on your situation. This does not oblige you to anything.

What are the Advantages of Creating A Website Like Booking.Com?

The benefits of creating such a site are quite wide. First of all, it is very profitable, although of course the way to get revenue will depend on the business model that you choose in favor of your own website. Alfee specialists told about this in our article.


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