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Corporate Website Development

Corporate website is an excellent way to tell your potential customers about your company, the services you are rendering and the goods you are selling. You can't do without a custom corporate website, if you want to increase customer loyalty.


These resources contain information about the company, terms of cooperation, documents available for download, the opportunity to ask a question, and so on. When integrating CRM with the site, it becomes possible to set tasks, as well as control the work of employees.

A corporate website is the face of a company, so its development should be approached with the utmost responsibility. The way your business will be perceived by visitors depends on the quality of your business website. Therefore, we recommend you to cooperate with a trustworthy and credible development agency like Alfee. Our experts will carry out a detailed audit of your business and will define the most suitable options to reach out to your target audience and generate more sales.

How can Corporate Websites help Business?

Corporate website helps to make your brand well recognizable among the target audience. But this is not the only reason why businesses need custom websites. Find some other reasons below:

  • Corporate websites provide users with up-to-date information about the company's services and products;
  • They help enlarge client base and increase brand awareness;
  • Business website ensures solid online presence of your company and improve its image;
  • With the help of this resource you can increase the loyalty of existing customers and expand sales geography;
  • If you integrate certain technologies and tools, you will be able to collect orders for goods and services and even receive payments;
  • Via your business website you can provide constant access to information useful to customers.

As you can see, corporate website development is a perfect means to increase sales through a new distribution channel. Alfee team has been developing corporate portals for many years. We have everything necessary for the successful implementation of a unique website project.

A few words about Corporate Website Development process


Development of a business website is a complex process, which must be trusted to experienced and reliable specialists. Our team brings together the best specialists who can cope with the creation of any, even the most complex web portals.

Alfee pays enough attention to each stage of creating a portal - from the formation of a unique web design to search engine optimization. We do everything necessary to ensure that our web development services help to increase conversion optimization. The creation of a corporate website is built on the following stages:

  1. 01
    Information collection, requirements analysis, structure development;
  2. 02
    Concept development, creating layouts for individual pages and sections;
  3. 03
    Front-end layout and back-end functional output;
  4. 04
    Product testing & debugging;
  5. 05
    Deployment of the corporate website resource to the customer company server.

Throughout the whole process our customer has access to dynamic updating of information, news, product catalog, slides and other data using the CMS system. If necessary, our employees can make changes to the web design.

Advantages of a Professional Website Design

A full-fledged corporate website has a complex multi-level structure. Such a site contains a significant amount of useful information, provides the company's products with descriptions and characteristics, and demonstrates the benefits.

The development and launch of a corporate website has the following advantages:

  • Adaptive custom design. When developing a site, even if it's a small business website, its display on any device, including PCs and smartphones, is taken into account. This improves the usability of the resource, expands the potential audience and increases the number of sales from the site;
  • Variety of web solutions. Our web designers offer unique web design development services based on various solutions. We also carry out the integration of the necessary business tools. Structure, navigation, appearance - corporate website development is carried out "from scratch", the finished resource will fully meet clients expectations.
  • SEO promotion. Primary SEO services are also included in the development of a corporate website. Primary corporate site optimization is necessary for the correct indexing of the resource in the Google and Yandex search engines.

Prices for custom corporate website design

The cost ranges from country to country and it is calculated individually. The development price depends on the work complexity and the project scale. As a rule the cost of a corporate website includes competing projects analyses, unique wed design development, programming, content creation.

If you need a simple business website, it will cost you about 2,000-3,000 USD, while more sophisticated and complex projects have a higher cost - up to 60,000-70,000 USD. The more options and functions you add, the more expensive development services will be.

Freelancers vs Web development agency

Any modern company should have its own website. It not only tells about the company, but also helps to increase demand for products and services, as well as increase revenues. A developed site with a large number of pages and information will also help to achieve a huge SEO effect, the more keywords, the higher traffic and conversions grow. However, in order for everything to really work well, you need to choose a good developer.

When you need to have a corporate web project developed, you are to choose between two options, i.e. working with a freelancer or hiring a web development agency. Let's see what are the pros and cons of both options.


Working with a freelancer

Nowadays, there are many freelancers specializing in corporate web development on the market. However, not every performer tries to fully understand the essence of the customer's business. In addition, many freelancers aren't qualified enough and they don't provide digital marketing services, nor do they know much about content management systems.

However, hiring a freelancer for website development will help you save money. But think twice whether its worth it!

Web design agency

If you decide to cooperate with a dedicated team creating websites, you are sure to pay more, but the quality will be corresponding to the price. A professional agency like Alfee will deliver a top-notch corporate website corresponding to your business goals, and ensuring your company's success.

If your choice fell on our company, do not doubt the quality of web design and that the business website produced by us will comply with all modern trends in corporate web development. We approach each project individually and guarantee full performance of our work with high quality! Over the years, we have completed numerous website development projects and all our clients are satisfied owners of excellent corporate sites.


Why do people entrust Alfee with business website development?

At Alfee we make unique corporate websites, not template solutions. Your custom website will be interesting and useful to users, help form a positive opinion about the company, improve its reputation in the market, attract partners and investors, and promote new products and services to the market.

Why do people pick up Alfee dedicated team of developers:

  • Reasonable pricing policy. Alfee offers the best ration of quality and price. The exact price of the service is reported, which does not change in the future;
  • Responsive design. The created website design is adapted for all types of devices, including mobile ones;
  • Timely service delivery. Works are carried out in strictly stipulated terms;
  • Efficient approach. We delve into the essence of the client's problem and solve it as efficiently as possible;
  • Advanced technologies. Any business site developed by the studio meets all modern technical requirements;
  • Thorough research. Even when the team works on a small business website, it conducts in-depth analysis of customer competitors;
  • User friendly & bug free solutions. Due to the user friendly interface, anyone will be able to understand the functionality of the portal. Websites developed by the agency are devoid of errors and bugs.

We dive into the client's business to create a finished product that reflects all the values, features and unique advantages of the company. Our professional support team stays in touch with each client 24/7 and quickly answers questions. We also offer a full range of promotion and marketing services.

Questions for Corporate Website Development

How much does a Corporate Website Cost?

The cost is determined by the functionality of the corporate website. The more complex and scalable your project is, the higher the price. In general, the numbers start at 2,000-3,000 USD for a simple and small business website development and may go up to 65,000-75,000 USD for a more sophisticated fully functional website.

Where to find Corporate Website Design & Enterprise Web Solutions?

There are several options for those who have business online and would like to develop a corporate website. We believe that the best thing to do is to find a digital agency providing corporate web design services. For example, you can hire professional developers from Alfee. We have enough expertise and skills to turn into reality any ideas and provide high quality digital marketing services.

Do you deliver Exclusive Corporate Website Design?

Alfee team specializes in SEO friendly web design. We deliver eCommerce website design, web development services, and support & maintenance services. We are eager to create an exclusive corporate website for your business taking into account your target audience needs. We know how to take your business site to top positions with the help of search engine optimization technology.

What is the Corporate Website Development Process?

This is the process of creating a business website for the right audience. At Alfee we specialize in developing credible corporate websites that visitors can easily navigate. We apply new trends and technologies to improve your business results. We know how to make your brand No 1 not only in the industry, but also in the market.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

Contact us in a way that is convenient for you or fill out the feedback form!

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