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Casino Website Development

The launch of an online casino project is a complex, complex project that requires from the performers a lot of efforts, diligence, specialized knowledge, and most important - money. In any case, the solution of issues with motivation and funding remains on the organizers side but knowledge (that is specialized competencies) can be obtained from highly qualified developers from specialized software company. It is enough just to add such specialists to your team, and you will be able to quickly and efficiently resolve all technical difficulties that appear on the way to the project implementation. And not only technical ones - there are a lot of nuances here: from legal subtleties and e-Commerce development to web design and issues of security software development .

Such a project requires large investments and perseverance to enter the market. However, if your internal team includes highly professional developers (for example, Alfee specialists), then entering the online casinos business won't last for a long time, and very soon get ready to assess the high profit potential of your project.

Stages on the way to Creating a Gambling Business

A lot of people think that in this area it all comes down to simple web development of a website, android and ios devices, and buying traffic. It's not true - everything in online gambling is much more complicated. In general, it is best to approach the issue of creating the casino web in question systematically and comprehensively. First and foremost, you need to develop a strategy consulting. Let's take a look at all the issues that need to be addressed.

Licensing Issues in gambling industry

For starters, even before the casino website begins to be developed, world jurisdiction has to be determined. That is the place where the company registration have to be implemented. This is important, because obtaining a gaming license will be directly related to this. And such an aspect as taxation challenges and restrictions.

One way or another, many countries are ready to provide such attractive licenses (except India, half of Africa, Australia and other countries) for engaging modern talented developers of online casinos, and mobile apps connected to this business. The question usually arises in the term, price and distribution of this license to other countries.

If a country from the Europe is selected, then with its license it is possible to conduct activities in the EU territories (except for Scandinavia, which have their own license and several jurisdictions of Eastern Europe). If China is chosen, then only China and only Macau, and the online casino website must have an offline option in Macau.

Each license has its own specific type. This can be a gambling license, a poker license, sports betting, a lottery license, a referral license (which is often used as a business - i.e. a company receives a license and then sells its referral license to others).

Each license must be seriously secured, that is the company must have an office, directors, equipment on the territory of the licensee, all this translates into serious expenses. It's important that everyone paid attention that it is legal to provide gambling only in those countries where the received license is valid. It is not valid in other countries and may put your business at risk.

Banking and acquiring at online casino site

If the license is obtained then you need a bank that can work with high-risk casino web companies. There is a trick here that the bank may be from a different country than the license (for example, Georgia).

In general, you need to be prepared that not all operators are agree to customize communication as acquiring providers for your casino. You'll see that many companies use any payment service (integrated gateways solutions) that are just an intermediary. This is an important question, because under a license you'll have to pay a percentage of income (and in some licenses, turnover), plus a percentage that the aggregator will take, and finally we have to pay to the players. The wrong approach makes the casino to receive only 1 - 2%, which doesn't cover the costs.

After that, our path to success is not yet over. Further, the organization of acquiring for withdraw funds (of players,certainly) or rather for mass payments is required. Here it is better to have more than one channel, as potential customers can be from different countries. Someone feels comfortable with PayPal, someone with Payoneer.

Casino websites and their features

If there is acquiring, there is a license - we need games ideas. You can't just buy any game and put it on your own. Some businessmen want to develop their owns. But this requires a separate license, as well as a license for RNG (random number generator). When you buy high standards games from a licensed provider, as a rule, they already use a licensed RNG.

After casino website development most likely you'll need to place the hardware with your software in the state territory that issued you the license, seal it and receive periodic checks from the local regulator. Alfee's specialists have a wide experience of interacting with inspection structures of various jurisdictions. In other words, you'll not regret that realised staff augmentation with these specialists!

Gambling Platform Software Solutions

This is the foundation of your web platform. The reliability, speed and security of your online casino website largely depend on it. In addition, you'll manage the operational activities of the casino website: reporting, game content, payments, accounts, marketing tools, and more.

Here you have to choose from 2 options:

  1. 01
    Completely custom software web development at a price will cost you between $300,000 and $1 million. The high price pays off with the fact that you'll get unique branding. It means coding by yourself (by your staff team). You'll get full control over the source code, gameplay and all applications used. In addition, you retain the copyright to the software and do not have to pay royalties or charge additional fees to the software provider or technology agency.
  2. 02
    A model with a sublicense of an existing licensee costs less - the budget is fluctuating from 15 to 60 thousand dollars. You stay be responsible for all marketing and attracting players to your online casino website, with this approach. This will simplify the development and management of the website but you'll need to pay a certain percentage of your income to the software developing agency every month.

Regardless of which path you choose for your gambling business, the gaming website software must meet the following criteria:

  • integration with secure and popular payment systems and technologies;
  • access to a variety of game content;
  • CRM support and high speed.

Project Promotion, Sports Betting and Possible Dangers

When the casino is completely ready, problems begin with its promotion. Officially, Google is not against advertising but only in countries where it is allowed (although there are tricks to get around this). Social media is also not very supportive. The most loyal are Facebook and Instagram.

Online casinos are constantly tried to be hacked. This is a fact, because there is an opportunity to profit. In addition, competitors will also strive to “drop” the website. These are questions that you should think about beforehand. Hosting games on the provider's side and simply uploading them to the casino website if necessary is one of successfull solutions. After all, manufacturers take much better care of the safety of their IT-products.

In general, even briefly going through the algorithm of organizing a virtual casino, we can conclude that there will be quite a lot of serious tasks on the way to success. And if you approach their solution incorrectly, then no exorbitant rate of business profitability can save you from failure.

Questions for Casino Website Development

What are Benefits of Online Casino Website

In fact, an online casino is no different from an offline gaming establishment. Except… a much larger reach of players (due to accessibility to the resource via the Internet), a much larger data of games that are available to everyone at the same time, and besides, much less dependence on all kinds of regulation. Impressive, isn't it?

How to Make a Casino Website?

Creating an online casino website is a complex process that should begin with careful preparatory work to select a suitable jurisdiction, resolve the issue with servicing banks, and select the right software. In order not to make annoying and costly mistakes, it is highly recommended to hire competent professionals in house team of yours. These specialists have necessary skills and qualifications to find solutions of all possible problems to implement your web casino successfully. Hire experts from Alfee agency, and you will be surprised how quickly your online casino will start to bring real bonuses not only to the users.

How to Create your Casino Website Design?

If you have never dealt with the online casino website forming before then it would be most reasonable to order these services from competent specialists. You can hire Alfee employees, e.g., and you will appreciate what a truly competent job is in all areas of preparing your project (including design services).


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