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Build a Mobile App for Store


Several factors are considered in preparing a smartphone app. The major difference is the cost way. I don t find it cheap to employ specialists to elaborate your applications, but I find that it takes some skills. The more complex a smartphone application is the more expensive. It is thus possible that you can make your own smartphone application using free apps on an internet platform or by completing an online form. Luckily software technology has developed so quickly that it is possible to design your application using no programming expertise.

There are apps to suit every type of business ‒ from fitness applications to electronic commerce websites ‒ from mobile apps in favor of personal and corporate apply to a web site for personal or business communications. Apps are designed to expand your existing organization and contribute you elaborate your own firm. How do I design applications that work with my business and the next Uber app? Such guide will guide you through the creation of apps using simple and efficient methods for all users.

Complete templates to get you started easily building mobile apps

Find something interesting to do! Alfee makes your apps more effective! Wallpaper application A popular application from Alfee. Publish personalised photography galleries and make them available in favor of sale online or offline! Try the templates eBook application. The library of the pocketbook. Surprise customers and visitors by reading many books on various subjects. Try Template Education Application. Promotes classes, attracts new students, and educates. Download Fashion Templates Apps and give us your view on fashion! Try the Template Quotes Application. Encourage your audience using inspirational quotes and videos! Try the templates sound and music, it's probably my favorite application for Alfee.

Improve and update your app continuously to build native mobile apps


Use Google Play Analytics to track user feedback and app KPIs. The application is tracked too. Analyses can easily be accessed from the Alfee back office. Moreover, all application owner should have to update content on regular basis. It's the most useful method for keeping the user engaged and preventing the deletion of low-utility iOS apps. Use your marketing strategies to keep your customers informed of any new releases. you can notify them via Push notification, or you display the new features on your app's homepage:

  • Development environment for iOS. As with Android there are a number of software development tools available in favor of iOS. They must also pass the Apple iOS xcode app stores, the compiler available only on macOS. The elaboration of iOS therefore comes without many downsides. First you need a Mac to compile appications; secondly you pays 99 euros yearly for a publication. If a user is not paying, their Developer Account will be shut down;
  • Java, the most spread programming language. The most spread programming language is Java. Java is widely used as an integrated component in favor of development by Google. With a simple and comprehensive syntax Java makes it popular for developers. Java also allows for more efficient application launch times because it creates binary code only once and not if a user invokes it multiple times;
  • Kotlin is integrated with Android Studio. Kotlin has complete integration with Android Studio for Android development on its new Android Studio. Kotlin can be compiled using Java thereby enabling Java code to easily integrate into Kotlin projects. Kotlen is becoming increasingly popular. But code examples and reference are far less frequently available in Java;
  • C and C++ are possible with some patches. C++ is suitable in favor of users wanting more hardware proximity and want to avoid Google's outboard functionality wherever possible. These languages are also provided in the Android Studio software, however they require integration with external components;
  • Build a Native app. iOS (Apple) and Android apps have been mainly released through the Apple App Store and Android's Play Store (Android);
  • How to create an iOS app in favor of iPhone? Objective-C was developed in C subversions with additional object based languages. While functional & popular, Objective-C is quite an old programming language. It means Apple also developed a more scalable software programming language: Swift. Swift is an Objective-c coding language with the same capabilities but easier to learn;
  • How to create an Android app? In the present day the developer supports a variety of software languages for Android applications in favor of Google Play Store.

Create an online mobile app using the right method for your business

When you select the kind of application you need the most, it can take a while for your application to start working. Smartphone application elaboration is a methodic of developing software that can be used on mobiles and tablets. Although this approach allows designing the ideal combination between a smartphone application idea and a device's functionality, it requires considerable skill. In most cases it is quite costly. Application builder also provides an efficient option in favor of elaborating an application without programming.

You have several main mobile app development methods

If you'd like to make a free mobile app, it's definitely advisable to create your own app. Such initial option takes time and skill. Native applications in favor of smartphones have particular features to every OS and thus require programming skills in many languages. However, this option allows you to develop apps in favor of free with no limit. If it is not clear, you need coding knowledge. A practical choice is to use a code application that helps you develop coding skills that will give you insight into the fundamentals.

Get your iOS or Android app idea on paper

In 2019, 219 billion mobile app downloads is recorded and these numbers would reach 258 billion in 2022. It makes these markets very competitive. So, the app ideas, the concept of your application, are important in the development of a successful app. The first part of application design involves understanding how it aims.

How to make an own mobile app: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mobile apps can also be classified according to three stages ‒ pre-development, development and later release. The Guide reads well in its entirety, but be sure to follow each part that is relevant to you. Some people start their own project, while others may start somewhere further along the way.

E-commerce has a huge divergence. A lot of the largest retailers like Amazon are now primarily niche shops. Do a background study in e-commerce niches to pinpoint your target areas:

  1. 01
    Choose the right organization model. In the procedure of identifying your clients and their needs you must also determine the approaches your clients are buying your product. Please see our explanations in favor of each kind of Electronic commerce firm Model;
  2. 02
    Analyze your client personas. Most good e commerce decisions are born from the intersection of need, preferences, and interest in the targeted audience. Elaborate an ideal buyers persona;
  3. 03
    Find industrial gaps. Targeted research helps you identify unsatisfactory customer demand across all spread projects categories. If there's a lack of a specific target market;
  4. 04
    Conduct SWOT analysis. SWOT means Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity or Threat. It can be an efficient approach to compare niches and projects ideas.

How much does it cost to hire an app builder?


You could create a free app in favor of $2000 or more. Mobile app costs vary depending on several factors. What kind of apps do you have to build? How many features do you implement? The cost of developing an application is lower. Developers in the United States might charge $150 per hour, while in Europe, first-time developers could pay $30 an hour. As your apps build, the cost will rise as they become more complex.

How to create a mobile application in 11 steps

Although it may be easy to build a mobile app for store at home right away, there will be certain steps required to complete the development. It's crucial in favor of the success of an application. Do not skip it:

Coming up with an Idea For Your App for mobile devices

Before starting, you need to know if you have a viable product. When one considers that thousands of apps are available, it might seem a bit intimidating. But you do not necessarily need an original idea. Many excellent applications have variations of previous ideas. Perhaps you have ideas about what could be the next Yelp product or the next Uber pet service? Regardless of the idea you're trying to develop, it's important you make sure the application solves the actual problem. So it'll make sense in favor of you to see another person doing it. In such instances, it is necessary for a designer to create differentiation from competitors.

Define your goals of mobile development

App development should begin with a clearly identified objective. Tell me the goals? Tell me the problem we need to solve? Your goal is the whole developmental process. When these are not clearly identified at a start, you will easily lose your mind while building a software product. Don't simply make goals; make measurable goals. Use it as a beacon of the north so you can keep pursuing these goals. If you fail, you will not use your time or money effectively. Since the app development world seems infinite, it can sometimes make it appealing to add functionality or other features.

Conduct Market Research

After you have established a plan you must ensure your application meets market demand. Every app looks good on theory however, the idea must be confirmed before the project goes forward. Creating a website or app without research can be very costly and expensive. You can also use existing customers as a reference when conducting this search. The application must be built to meet a specific user's needs.

Decide Your Native Mobile App Features

Considering app features is crucial. Here are some features that are needed. Most users want extra and undesirable functionality on their application. Some functions of apps aren't relevant to their primary use. Besides adding additional features, the cost of the development process increases accordingly. Some popular application features included: simplicity is an essential feature during this first stages. In applications that require the location of the users' device you may skip this feature.

Create a Wireframe

A wireframe is an app's design in a simple way. It shouldn't be formal: There is no need in favor of graphic design in your apps. A wire framework is created using a blank whiteboard, napkins, and a digital wireframe. Typically a wired framework will show just the feature sets in a mobile app and its structure. No problem designing application components in wireframes. It does not have any specific intent or purpose in being able to tell the final product in real life. In contrast, your wireframes are primarily concerned with flow. Create user journeys and maps. Show the effects of a user clicking a button.

Choose Your Development Method

You can create your application using different tools. Before you can create apps, you have to decide what method works for you. What's the best option? How do I select the right application? The process depends on factors such as the budget of the app's developer. The most popular method to make a mobile website is to create it using mobile applications. Each method will be described below in detail to help you decide which is most efficient in favor of your application.

Research Existing Solutions

The second step is to look up available solutions. Before you waste time or money building a software program or any part, it will be a good idea to look at what is already available in your industry. App development offers the services required to fulfill the basic functions that an application requires. I mean things such as infrastructure hosting, development, analytics, or push notifications. Why do people use servers in a cloud-hosted application instead of rented servers?

Technical Specification

At this stage, you will have to look at the pre-created blanks and decide if this is exactly what you need. In terms of logic and future user experience. Look at the visual, do you like it? Does it meet the goals and categories of the target audience that will interact with the project in the future? Functionality is no less important. The user's path on the service should be simple and intuitive. The technical specification stage is the point where you can still change something without sacrificing money or time, so do not treat the analysis negligently at this stage.

Set control points

It is very difficult to keep track of how a large project is unfolding, if you consider it from beginning to end. Divide the entire process of creating a product into small tasks, so-called small projects. This way you will be able to control exactly how the implementation is progressing. This will help you plan the launch date of the project, which is definitely worth preparing in favor of in advance.

Create an MVP

This is a minimally viable product. The process of creating any application is limitless, believe Alfee as a team of developers with many years of experience. That is why it is necessary to determine the most important. If the application is the body, then the MVP is the skeleton. Creating an MVP will make it possible to understand which functions are key, without which your application will lose its meaning altogether. This will be the most important thing, after that all the rest of the additional functionality will grow around the MVP. But nevertheless, it is worth understanding that this is absolutely not the final product, but it is more than a test instance.

Quality control

After the application is executed, it must undergo thorough testing to identify all kinds of errors. And their elimination is natural. This is worth paying attention to, because if bugs appear when the user is already on the site, it will create an unpleasant impression and not a very pleasant sediment.

Deployment and support


After the project is launched, it is worth carefully monitoring how the application functions. There may be unnoticed errors that can be fixed immediately. There may be a need in favor of additional functions over time, whether it is cloud storage, databases and much more. Alfee will also help with all this.

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