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Banking Website Development

When it comes to developing a bank website one of the most urgent issues is finding a reliable company specializing in this sphere. Alfee is a reliable and trustworthy development company, which closely cooperates with banks and financial institutions, developing, implementing and supporting projects in this area, providing a full cycle of work in strict compliance with quality standards and information confidentiality.


Creation of a bank website is quite painstaking work, which requires not only compliance with all deadlines, but also a creative approach. Read on to learn more about bank website development and services we provide.

Peculiarities of banking websites

Online banking and development of a bank website has a number of peculiarities in terms of developing organizational and technical work. Complex functionality and maximum security distinguish banking solutions from projects in other niches. Undoubtedly, banking website is one of the most important elements in the Bank-Client chain. Therefore, when developing bank websites, we pay special attention to creating a convenient and handy design.

It is also worth mentioning that bank websites should have financial calculators that allow customers to calculate various financial and loan expenses. Such calculators are quite convenient and multifunctional - they simplify not only customers' lives, but also banks' in the process of communicating with potential customers.

Several financial issues can be resolved online, so bank websites provide the main interaction between potential clients and the bank. This means that even the basic landing page should provide the user with the opportunity to learn in detail about the services, open an account or apply for a loan.

Why financial industry needs bank website development


Having a unique bank website design is crucial for any financial institution or bank. Development of credit union websites or a mobile banking app is a rather important and demanded service these days. These recources become the place where clients can get necessary information about services in a timely manner, learn more about new banking products, find out about both new and current promotions, about various types of deposits and their lending conditions.

It is from the first visit to the website that the acquaintance with the bank takes place. That's why it is important what impression the website will make on the visitor. Good bank website design will help you attract more potential clients. If you want to get a software solution with the best website design, we recommend you to cooperate with Alfee professional team.

When developing a financial institution website, we bear in mind that this is, first of all, the face of the institution. We realise that it should not only be attractive, but also perform a number of functions. We have listed the major ones below.

Brand consistency

Alfee dedicated team develop banking solutions that raise brand awareness and improve your institution's image. First of all, the banking web design should attract visitors and make each of them want to become a client of this particular bank in the future.

We implement a variety of different techniques that allow us to deliver solutions with a stylish website design and understandable navigation system. Your clients get convenient search by sections, the most complete description of services and the possibility of obtaining them. Our experts apply their deep knowledge and vast experience to give you accurately what you want, creating brand's image of safety and security.

Informational resource

Any financial institution banking software is an informational resource with important data for potential customers. With a top-notch bank website your consumers will have access to company's relevant news and promotions. The information can also include details on money transfers, credit cards and debit cards, the ability to pay for various services, complete information about all physical bank branches.

Thus, we create a multi-level menu on the site, which allows to quickly and easily find everything needed.

Providing online banking services

The provision of online services is important for credit unions websites so that users can get advice or apply for a mortgage with maximum comfort.

The feedback form is the highest priority resource, which is designed to simplify the solution of most issues for both existing customers and future ones. Most people will appreciate such a simple, but quite necessary feature, as online banking applications. Existing customers will be happy to use tloan financial calculators.

Bank website structure

Despite the fact that the process of creating and testing a bank website takes much more time than developing a regular site for a trading company, we are always ready to offer you something really new and unique, so that your bank web stands out with its style and versatility.

When your potential customer comes to the main page, he or she is most likely to enter the online banking system, and then leave the site. This has negative impact on conversions, user engagement, and overall image of the organization. Creating banking sites with an intuitive structure and navigation is important to encourage visitors to explore its other pages and functions. User-friendly layout will increase loyalty and keep people returing to your website.

In order to create best bank websites, in addition to the basic pages about the company, its services and contacts, bank website design should include information about the statutory, registration documents, certificates, licenses, etc. This will raise users' trust and show the company's expertise.

Online banking functionality


Banking industry is rapidly developing with new business options appearing fast. If you want to leave behind competitors, it's necessary to keep up with the changing functionality. What should your website design include:

  • Loan and deposit calculator. It will provide users with the possibility to calculate costs.
  • Maps with a network of ATMs and offices. They will help clients to find the nearest ATM or branch.
  • Feedback options. They connect the visitor to a hotline or provide a form so that a bank employee can call them back.
  • Online support chat. Online consultant will answer frequently asked questions, and the saved dialogues will allow you to better understand customers' problems.

Bank website design

Website design is the first impression of an organization. It should create a single visual image with everything that the client sees - from the design of a bank branch to a social media account. Therefore, when developing bank websites, it is especially important to adhere to company's corporate style, not to overload the design with bright illustrations.

Showing creativity within a clearly defined framework is not an easy task even for an experienced specialist, so bank website design should only be trusted by professionals like Alfee.

Each design element of a banking app or a website should have a clear strategic goal, match the brand image, and convey the right information. Alfee team creates the most handy interface and navigation to help customers find answers to their questions as soon as possible.

Easily recognizable, uncluttered, well-planned bank website design will allow you to quickly adapt to new trends and attract customers. We take into account the geographical location of the branch, demographics of the target audience in order to successfully combine functionality with style.

Promotion of online banking services

In order to promote bank websites we use several tools, such as search engine optimization, blogs/social networks optimization, contextual, media advertising.

Promotion of queries in search results is especially important. The more requests on the site and landing pages, the better ranking and the higher the position of each request separately.

How Alfee experts create banking websites

When creating a bank website, our experts apply their experience and deep knowledge, following the three main steps:

  1. 01
    Research & analyses. We study the niche, analyze the main competitors in the banking industry. After forming a clear idea about the project, we proceed to the creation of a semantic core;
  2. 02
    Creating bank website design. We create adaptive design layouts and transfer them to the web based platform, integrating third-party services, connecting payment systems, CRM, and other functions;
  3. 03
    Testing & launching. After a thourough testing, we launch the created banking website.
  4. 04
    Maintenance & support. Our team is accessible 24/7. We are ready to answer your questions and provide information and help whenever needed.

Why financial institutions choose best bank website designs by Alfee?


Banking websites occupy a separate place in the digital world. Whether you need to develop a banking app for mobile devices or a digital bank web version, we recommend you to address to Afee dedicated team. Our experts will gladly construct a reliable banking solution for your business with an advanced marketing strategy. We will ensure completeness and relevance of website data.

Alfee is professionally engaged in bank website development and we know what is behind each business process. This allows us to communicate with the customer in the same language, and development skills in this area reduce the overall duration of the project.

We are ready to provide a full cycle of work on site support, filling it with content, promotion in social networks, search engines and brand presence on key advertising platforms.

Questions for Search Engine Optimization

How to Develop a Banking Website or Web App?

Each traditional bank dreams about digital transformation. Alfee team is glad to offer you creation of a banking website that has all the necessary security features and corresponds to world standards. Just tell us about your preferences and leave the rest to Alfee professionals.

What are the Main Features and Challenges of Digital Banking Platform Development?

Web apps for banks has a certain set of requirements, among which security features and protection of customer data are the priority. Such software isn't easy to develop, since it has to be user friendly and complex at the same time. However, Alfee team isn't afraid of any challanges and is ready to deliver best bank websites for you.

What are Business benefits offered by mobile banking apps?

Having a banking website is really important for any business. Via this resource you can assist customers in finding the necessary information and get more new clients, increasing loyalty. Bank website design with the latest trends can have a positive effect on your brand image and increase sales.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

Contact us in a way that is convenient for you or fill out the feedback form!

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