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Custom B2C Portals Development


Website-based e-commerce services using the Business to Customers model have the highest popularity. B2C products help companies directly contact customers via the Internet through direct communication. Compared to B2G, smaller businesses are able to find the right audience and become actively engaged in the market. B2D portal development provides companies with many advantages. Ecommerce portal development reduces friction and enables a buyer to communicate directly with business customers in every country of the world without having to hire a mediator to deal with them.

It takes time in favor of your website to grow. B2C sales will surpass $5 trillion by 2021. You will never meet these demands without the B2C portal. Customers want quick and easy answers to all their questions. B2 B businesses must meet changing customer demands and attitudes. They must provide customer service so they can handle the activities of the business. According to surveys, 85% of American customers expect that. B2C portals are the way to grow a business, increase profit or generate revenue.

What is B2C model and commerce solutions?

B2C is business to consumer. B2C businesses sell goods or services directly to consumers such as websites, pet stores, pet food businesses and other services. B2 C models eliminate intermediary relationships and directly connect sellers and buyers, enabling businesses to develop store displays across different media platforms. Amazon and other online stores have been known for their B2C models. When your customers are end users, you’ve got B2C business. The hybrid model is best in favor of selling both products and services.

Business Objectives of B2C eCommerce Portal Development

B2C portal development also called customer portal provides customer-centric solutions to improve client engagement with clients. Tell us what B2C Portal Development does: Central Portal Access. B2C portals bring business owners, customers and staff together in a centralized location. All individuals may log into their accounts to retrieve their role-based information. Auto-synchronizing CRM with Portal simplifies administrative activities. Centralised operations are made easier through centralisation and efficient management. The customer service department also does not need to travel from CRM to portal to see tickets and customer information.

Alfee is the best B2C Portal Development Company


A rapid web business is an internet business that provides a robust and unified deal framework with minimal operational costs. Alfee provides you with a marketplace platform to stay connected to your customers and attract potential clients towards your B2C Portal Developers firm. Our leading B2B website design company understands your business needs. The company provides B2C web interfaces and provides clients the best solution for their needs. It's always our priority to provide a straightforward way in favor of customers to find out what's their ideal option for them.

Challenges in B2C e Commerce solutions

B2C businesses offer enormous opportunity in favor of niches and local fragmentation. However, the customer demand and ease of online shopping can make your business difficult. B2C businesses face many challenges in meeting customer requirements. Among those is: consumer traffic. Search engine optimization is a key element of any business. It is the guide you give your clients to your business. As a B2C company, you must be sure your website attracts customers. User experience is the difference between competitors.

Our web communication technology

Alfee is the best way you can build a personal website. Our websites are created to suit the requirements of any company. We offer a service in favor of creating an online site with no code usage. This plugin is helpful to the website design process. It also allows customers the flexibility to create a personal web page from business to personal. A new and creative approach for creating websites.

PHP Web Development

PHP is the most versatile PHP language and is easily understandable. The PHP development team is involved in a range of PHP development projects. Our developers have extensive experience on mobile applications. The most popular mobile app development companies. Magento will help anyone. It allows you to manage every eCommerce website on Alfee from one dashboard.

Services for customer satisfaction


As an electronic commerce portal development firm, our products range across programming types and services, and many B2B product lines, in the main category marketplace and service portal. Different functions are different, so we always do an accurate and thorough analysis of the specific niche you are looking at and guarantee security benefit.

Customized marketplace

The company offers a range of high-quality products to help B2C partners manage their products lines and share business and market information among vendors and manufacturers. We provide high-quality products through high-quality programs and advanced Ai solutions that ensure high levels of customers satisfaction and expand your business. Our engineers can perform diverse projects from marketplaces to e-commerce aggregating and betting sites.


We have many decades of medical experience in clinics. The interaction between patient and clinician becomes dynamic, personal, measurable. Portals for medical patients enable organisations to improve operations and achieve better outcomes.

Real Estate

Whether we can digitize an existing business or not, we can provide the maximum capabilities for your needs. Our websites are built with perfect navigation capabilities and can integrate with most platforms and systems available.


Alfee's travel website helps to create an ecosystem that delivers users with a better experience in a competitive market. It contains search tools for lodging, a web portal and advanced online booking mechanics.


We offer online courses that help improve teaching quality and efficiency in education. Solutions offered are flexible in implementing training management and implementing interactive educational resources.

Features of Search Engine Optimization

Features of “business to client” and “business to business”. This distinction can be taken into consideration when designing a product that meets specific organizational requirements and features:

  1. 01
    Emotional marketing. Although this is not usually a pro, when implemented properly these features are very valuable in terms of terms. B2C clients seek to resolve problems immediately. It is normal for consumers to make emotions when purchasing products and selecting an offering which matches the need at the time. If the company can meet these expectations it is likely that they will return;
  2. 02
    Working with the end-user. B2B businesses typically work with consumers on their services and products. It would also be easier to promote trust, use slick vocabulary or use advertising techniques to attract people. In B2C sales a customer interacts with managers whose company represents the buyer using scheduling appointment system;
  3. 03
    Short sales cycle. Compare that to B2B marketing, where sales cycles are shorter and B2C clients don’t spend as much time looking at desirable products or services. Faster selling has higher yields and allows the owner to use the investment to grow and expand its business.

B2B Software Add-ons


Our ecommerce solutions offer a wide variety of additional features for running an ecommerce shop. For example:

  • Customer loyalty points. Point/credit in the absence of a specific number. Occasionally a consumer purchases something through our ecommerce platform and / or those purchases may be refunded on later purchases;
  • Stocks. Product Description Page Show no. If there are units of stock, this could be a motivating factor for customers who are afraid of stock shortages[if stock count drops];
  • Buy Now. There is a buy now button in the description for all items. This will help users buy the chosen item immediately, via the skip of the cart pages;
  • Gift-cards. Give users a free gift card that is sent to a friend. The recipient may purchase via your platform using these cards;
  • Group products. It enables the grouping of several products. Various collections of a particular type are offered in groups;
  • Youtube & Vimeo product description. You may upload informative Youtube videos to your product's description page and show it.
Questions for B2C Portal Development

What is B2C portal development?

A B2B web site is a highly inventive mode of Internet communications technologies offering resources and services such as e-commerce information sharing, e-commerce forum, and marketplace. They also facilitate interaction between customers.

What is the difference between B2B and B2C websites?

ECommerce - A business that uses an internet platform to sell products or services. The B2C e-commerce industry is targeted at the consumer in person. An office furniture vendor selling office software to another business is an example of an B2C business.

Why we are the best B2C portal development company?

We are proud of the quality of our B2C projects, because they precisely meet the requirements of the market, so that our customers compete successfully, and most importantly attract a new target audience and expand sales routes.

What are top B2C software solutions in USA?

 Amazon is a great example of a successful B2C solution if we are talking about the USA. Many companies can envy such efficiency, but we are just trying to innovate in our work and create new Amazons.   

What B2C portal development services does Alfee have?

In their work, the Alfee team does not neglect such principles of implementing B2C services as Emotional marketing, Working with the end-user and Short sales cycle. In addition, there are also small ways to attract: promotions, gifts, video reviews and much more


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