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B2B Portal Development

B2B-portal (business-to-business) is an electronic platform designed for the interaction of counterparties that are legal entities. B2B platforms make it possible to significantly simplify the clearing process of the transaction itself, as well as subsequent contracting. As a result, the load on call centers drops significantly, the work of sales managers is simplified, and the activities of marketers and even accounting departments become more efficient.

It should be noted that businesses around the world have appreciated the benefits of B2B interaction. The unstable business environment is pushing B2B sales up, and they already exceed the B2C segment (business-to-client, that is, classic sales to individual end buyers) by 6 times!

Alfee monitors the dynamics of the web software international markets, the aspirations of its participants, and business needs at all. Therefore our professional programmers have all the necessary competencies to develop B2B platforms from scratch, as well as to equip existing customers' web resources with them. Hire our development services specialists and your business will make an impressive leap forward!

B2B web portal development vs B2C store development

One of the main differences in terms of doing business is the issue of pricing. In the B2C segment, for the goods and services offered, as a rule, a single price is set, which can be found in the catalog on the company's website (or in the price list received by fax). B2B-portal provides a different approach - implying greater segmentation of potential buyers.

In this case, the electronic catalog plays the role of a demonstration showcase, where the product is presented without prices or with an indication of its approximate level (as a rule, the maximum one). After a potential buyer is interested in this offer, he is offered:

  • firstly, go through a simple registration procedure on the resource;
  • secondly, to answer literally a couple of questions regarding future intentions (does he just want to know the price; is the client ready to purchase this product; how constant is the client's need for this product);
  • thirdly, in contrast to the B2C sales algorithm, goods in this case are reserved without redemption and collateral 13 times more often. That is, the B2B segment must have an effective supply chain management and multiple storage locations.

All this is necessary only so that the seller can determine for himself the purchasing value of each client and offer them a unique price, depending on various factors. For example, a client who is ready to purchase the offered product constantly can count on a much larger discount and, in general, on a preferential cooperation regime.

However, there are other differences between these systems (B2C and B2B), which in the past forced all satisfied owners of online stores for individual buyers to spend money, time and enter a fundamentally different market segment. Let's talk about this further.

Functionality and design of B2B portal development services

What attracts buyers-users of classic online stores? Showy design: bright colors, attractive types of goods, in other words, aesthetic presentation. The B2B buyer operates with other amounts. He is not necessarily a wholesaler (especially when it comes to something initially expensive - for example, machine tools) but such a client is ready to purchase more expensive products, spend more money. Therefore, there is no need to try to lure him with “consumer tinsel”.

The virtual space of the B2B web portals is organized more concisely and functionally: a minimum of pictures, but more useful information about the product (its relevant merchandise descriptions, etc.). In addition, it should be possible to download such a price list in Excel file or .pdf format.

Software designers from Alfee have an understanding of the marketing component of such projects, and in addition, they are specialists with considerable experience in already implemented developments. Hire them and your project will stand out from its peers.

Business operations and legal subtleties

So, the B2B portal should simplify the interaction between the buyer and the seller, who are legal entities (well, or individual entrepreneurs, after all, self-employed). In some cases, it will not be possible to purchase goods, as in the B2C segment, by simply entering the payment card number in the field. And under any circumstances, a preliminary conclusion of the contract will be required. You can, of course, conclude nothing, but then complications with the tax authorities may arise. After all, we are talking about the acquisition, as a rule, for larger amounts than in the consumer segment. Plus, settlements between legal entities are usually made by transferring funds from account to account.

The B2B site should simplify the contracting procedure as much as possible. It should provide for the possibility of quickly concluding a supply contract, invoicing and exchanging all necessary documentation (including licenses and certificates).

Business partners and duration of cooperation

For the owner of a typical online consumer goods store, the next purchase is just a statistical unit. After the purchase is sent to the buyer, the service of the latter is completed (unless, of course, he has no “after-sales” quality claims). But transaction process on B2B portals is differ, the seller is clearly looking to establish a long-term relationship, to turn customers into a trading partners. After all, it is regular customers who bring the main income to the owners of such platforms.

From the point of view of the online platform structure, this means the mandatory availability of the opportunity:

  1. 01
    creating a system of discounts and providing accumulated bonuses (system of business analysis);
  2. 02
    quick determination of the price for each specific site visitor who applied with a question about the cost;
  3. 03
    reservation of goods in the warehouse with systems holding product data, and availability of real time inventory visibility option;
  4. 04
    advanced search options;
  5. 05
    supply chain tracking;
  6. 06
    quality services,
  7. 07
    other systems.

Everything, just everything should help to transfer cooperation with clients to a permanent, regular basis. Alfee specialists understand how to build the functional structure of the platform and make the options as utilitarian as possible.

Trade duration

The site should provide the possibility of long-term interaction between the buyer and the seller within the framework of one transaction, because neither the seller nor the buyer seeks to be limited to one transaction on the B2B platform. Both parties to the transaction require close communication throughout the entire period of cooperation.

B2B marketing strategy

B2B platform developers simply need to have promotion skills, otherwise the site will not live up to expectations and will not attract a significant clientele. Therefore, Alfee programmers are highly qualified specialists not only in programming, but also in marketing.

Promotion on a B2B website usually has the following emphasis:

  • creation of an expert reputation for the seller;
  • attraction of long-term (permanent) buyers (emphasis on them);
  • strengthening the loyalty of individual customers (by meeting user expectations).

Market analysis and competent USP

First of all, developers must understand the behavior of the customer's main customers in the market, their aspirations. This is necessary in order to lay in the site architecture the mechanisms that most effectively motivate the client to continue cooperation. If you manage to answer these questions, it means that it will be possible to form a unique selling proposition (USP), and at the same time to clarify the clear positioning of the seller in the market.

Content Features

On B2B platforms, content matters. Not design, not design “gadgets”, but the semantic content of the site with numbers and data about the products offered. It is this data that will be taken into account by buyers when making a purchase decision, so the content should be thoughtful:

  1. 01
    it is required to describe the product in detail - all its advantageous characteristics;
  2. 02
    it is necessary to focus on those areas where the use of this product will be especially effective (this includes reviews of consumer markets as well);
  3. 03
    be sure to provide information about promotions, discounts and expected changes in the range. This refers to the effective enterprise product information management.

Alfee specialists will develop a web resource that will always be of interest to potential one-time buyers and long-term customers. Hire our specialists, and your company will reach a fundamentally different, higher level of sales.

B2B portal development and competent service

Before deciding to develop a B2B portal, you should realize that this is not just a “useful gadget to an already working site”. The launch of the portal will mean that the business will operate in a new additional segment, where its own marketing strategy will be implemented and other business processes will be supported. And in order for the B2B platform to justify the hopes placed on it, you should initially put everything on a professional footing, namely, entrust the creation of such a platform to highly qualified specialists from Alfee.

Questions for B2B Portals Development

What is B2B portal development process?

This is the development of a platform for business users, for the interaction of buyers and sellers who are working at corporate environment, which are represented by legal entities (business-to-business). It's full web business infrastructure with their e procurement methods and promotion tools. In this case, the goods either belong to the category of "means of production", or are not intended for personal consumption.

How do you make a B2B portal?

A reasonable option is to contact specialists in the field of creating such websites. And the best and most cost-effective solution is to hire qualified dedicated team of web developers from specialized agencies such as Alfee (whose specialists provide development services of sites in any segments).

What is B2C portal development process?

If the answer is short and to the point, then we are talking about the development of classic online stores that are focused on the sale of consumer goods. Buyers here are usually individuals. Alfee specialists can also help you develop such a site.

How works B2B website development company?

Do not take on a job that lacks the necessary competencies. If you do not have specialized programming skills, as well as knowledge in specific areas of marketing, then it would be much more correct to entrust the development to professional generalists.


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