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App Store Optimization (ASO)

Today we are witnessing a frenzied growth in popularity of mobile applications. Everyone has dozens of them in their phone, so we also spend a lot of time in it every day. One would think that this is in the hands of creators of such applications, but no.


If number of applications on the marketplace is growing, then not only is competition growing, but also the platform itself is starting to take care of this whole situation. Namely, she herself also app ranks. If you score "music" in search, of course you will get all the options, but in what order? This is what has become extremely important now.

And now we come to conclusion that in order to be at top of the list, you need to play by the rules of the marketplace. This is what App Store Optimization (ASO) is based on. You certainly need to work hard for this. On the other hand, it's really good for customers, because they get the most popular, high-quality and effective applications. If you want an audience, you need to be effective, that's the law here.

Alfee helps its customers to cope with this task. And no one has ever left disappointed.

What is App Stores Optimization (ASO)?

App Store Optimization, which we have already mentioned, is an algorithm of actions and a set of rules. Follow them and increase your place in ranking. The higher the rating, the more customers, everything is simple. I think there is no need to motivate you in this direction, the profitability of venture is obvious.

So, for example, things like app name, description, screenshots and overview are extremely important. It will also be great if users leave feedback about your application. This will help you refine it for the better and increase the level of trust and new audience.

Practical Guide to App Store Optimization tools (ASO)

More than 3 billion smartphone owners worldwide use more than 2 cards per year, with an increase of 2.6 million pps per year. These are huge numbers, incredibly important for any application developers who are trying to do the same thing to make it visible. How can a person distinguish himself in a competitive environment? Tell me how to increase rating of applications in the Apple App Store Optimization (ASO)? It is extremely important to use a solid-state strategy in the Apple Play Store.

Role of advertising and sales departments should not be underestimated. In fact, achieving this is the key factor that helps you increase productivity. Our store optimization guide will help you master the technical aspects of app optimization and provide recommendations to beginners or advanced ASO.

What are App Store Optimization companies doing?

Apple's App Store optimization companies help customers attract more users and increase the number of downloads by searching in the AppStore. Tools can help sap specialists identify targeted keywords and improve titles, descriptions, app preview video, and app icon design. App Search Optimization agency provides insightful suggestions based on an accurate data set to compete with other software applications and gain more app's visibility in the store. First stage of the ASO application is to optimize the copy and optimize its design.

A/B testing tools

Even after developing the app, developers may still need to refine it once they release application for their stories. A/B testing is also the best method by which brands can understand the best marketing copies of applications/UIComponents. App marketers have started conducting online research to find out how these changes affect traffic to their website. Website conversion strategy testing is a useful and reliable tool for improving store content conversions.

Review & sentiment analysis tools

As mentioned earlier, story reviews and ratings are important for shaping users' perception of the application and can help compare multiple apps to download or purchase. Feedback analysis software provides feedback on the review and rating of applications. Store optimization capabilities are provided by applications or agencies either together with other ASO-based services, or, as a rule, are focused on interacting with application users in the appstore.

Copy in App Store Optimization important


Copy optimization in favor of apps based on screenshots, video previews, icons, and other things, rather than text. Many people would download application if they could just read this screenshot of the video. Usually, a person who sees the name of a particular product from the name can easily download the product. Screenshot should also be displayed in the application name for the store, which helps explain how important copy optimization is when it comes to user experience.

App keyword optimization tools

Keyword optimization tool is included in the keyword optimization tool, which helps creators analyze and select specific keywords to provide better keyword analysis. This report suggests ways to optimize in favor of mobile application copy elements, including app title, keyword sets, and app description, and provides an API for implementing these changes in stores and Google Play. They also report ranking keywords using app store algorithm based on artificial intelligence.

Keyword optimization

Keyword optimization includes text on the app's website starting with the app title. Obviously, a good word is needed to get people to download your application. SEO in stores is hardly as easy for the user as dropping a few keywords. Ranking algorithm is smarter, and an application rated by users is rated negatively if it is considered to behave similarly. Tips: Localization is of great importance. Creating a great marketing copy in favor of app icon is essential.

ASO tools

Data drives the mobile application sector and helps app rank more easily and reach more consumers. Some companies offer experts tools to make sense of data from iTunes and related applications. It is extremely useful to track AppStore user app reviews using this tool to analyze new apps.

How do App Store Optimization efforts work?

Similarly, store optimization can look like SEO. Apps save users' search results in favor of various apps and games and recommend other apps based on user preferences and popularity. Standard strategy is keyword optimization, paid and free advertising. To grow organically, you need to understand what people are looking for in apps. To optimize the download, it is necessary to have a website accessible to people with high download speeds.

How do users find and download mobile apps?

People need specific apps in major app stores, like the Play Store or the App Store. 80% of mobile phone users search in favor of a particular application. 65% of the download results are detected immediately after the search. App Store search has become one of the most effective methods of finding new apps on mobile devices.

Similarly, the ranking in Google search engines directly correlates with the number of downloaded applications. Higher the website's ranking in the app's search results, the greater its visibility. Apps with the highest rating are also downloaded more often because the average user doesn't email all the results. Most of the time, the top ten is there. Thus, getting a rating is essential for growth of applications.

App store marketing and listing visuals

Key components for optimizing the iOS App Store include visual elements. Texts play a crucial role in optimizing search results, as well as in providing information. Visual element in the AppStore is also vital for conversions and user appeal. Store users usually view information found through search, and are less likely to see app store listing on Google Play and products in app stores. Thus, the use of high-quality and reliable visual elements creates a strong first impression among consumers.

Do apps with higher ratings rank higher in search results?

Yes, a higher ranking also leads to a higher app's search ranking. Here is an experiment conducted to determine the difficulty of ranking keywords. A simple keyword will not result in the application gaining more than 15 positions in favor of this keyword. Keyword “Major” is included in 25-100 applications, while the competitive keyword is found in more than 100 applications.

Based on the analysis, it becomes clear that the application icon rises higher with the highest complexity of the search engine. How can you rate a good website? Yes. You should get more ratings for your apps.

Tell me the difference between Search Engine Optimization and advanced App Store Optimization?


App Store page optimization is known as SEO. This is very similar to keyword optimization and conversion optimization, but still these concepts are very different. Stores have strong links with the Google search engine, which allows ASO and SEA to overlap. Both require clear and easily accessible content and focus on indexing – search engines organize and classify information to provide quick and accurate answers to questions.

Another common feature is the algorithmic criteria they are guided by:

  • ASO ranking criteria. These factors affect the ranking in organic search and are important for optimizing your site. While visibility is the main goal, ASO's key performance indicators are very different;
  • Recommended companies for optimizing the App Store. Except for the main difference that ASO is used for mobile applications and SEO for websites, ratings also differ. Here is an example describing how the concepts differ from each other.

App store optimization for Google Play vs. App Store

You must select the app marketplace before creating the application. As a rule, most Android app developers use the Play Store to optimize apps. Just like in Apple's app stores, there is an extensive selection in the Huawei app gallery, Samsung Galaxy Appstore, etc. to optimize your iOS apps. You can publish your application on multiple platforms. Let's take a closer look at the bookstores; I'd like to see some of them.

SEO and backlinks influence on ASO

Google's search requests involve smartphone applications. Moreover, Google promotes the information of such applications, and it's able to display a number of applications in the AppStore relied on an application request too. In order for the website to be discovered in Google, you should link this to the site. In case you perform it, application appears as part of the result of search in favor of the application.

If you've got an application on your mobile phone, you're able to find this app by entering a pursuit in the Google results of search field. Whenever applicants are unable to establish the application, Google map redirects them to their own application overviews. It can be realized with the help of long click to the application. Such indexing is different for iOS and Android apps.

Critical differences between App Store and Google Play Conversion Rate Optimization

Before delving into the differences between the two large and popular platforms, let's figure out what they basically give us as users? As we have already discussed, if each of us opens his smartphone now, then there will probably be dozens of applications in it. And the AppStore and Google Play are exactly the places where we can download applications for ourselves. It's like a store where we choose a blouse we like.

These stores differ mainly in the approach to ranking applications and their entry into the market. The service carefully monitors the quality of the product that companies want to release with their help. And in the case of the App Store, it takes a little longer than Google.

To make you better understand this time difference: on the Apple platform, you will need to wait about three days, in the case of Google, it will only take a couple of hours after sending your application.

Apple App Store Rankings and Google Play Store Ranking Factors

Ranking factors are ambiguous and we can only assume exactly how artificial intelligence will behave, but there are certainly triggers that definitely affect the position of your application in the list. These can be keywords and their relevance to the product. In addition, the two platforms operate on the basis of different algorithms, and therefore what worked on one service will not necessarily fire on the other.

What are the benefits of ASO process?


The main thing that you will get if you use optimization services is success, to put it briefly, of course. This will help to move your application up in the ranking. This means that more of the audience will know about your existence and products. If you think it would be better to invest in marketing and advertising, then know that optimization is your best Apple Search ads.

Users will be attracted naturally and effortlessly, with the target audience at once:

  • A chance to increase profits and attract a new audience. In order for you, in principle, to make a profit from your application, you should at least find out about it. And this is only possible if it is optimized for the conditions of the platform on which it is being promoted. This will also contribute to the fact that you can easily track all the indicators for new users and change to meet the needs of the business;
  • Always be discovered by high-quality and relevant users. You will not be able to find this application in any way. You need a user. Optimization for stores aims to attract the best users for your app, mainly by matching your application with a specific search keyword. This is what search engines will search for in your application;
  • Increase the number of organic app downloads in a sustainable way. A good strategy will help increase number of your organic installations. If someone searches for your application by keywords, the results will be based on that app. Regular use of your ASO is important to maintain a high rating;
  • Reach a global audience with your application. If you make apps available to users around the world through the App Store optimization process and application localization, you will have a better chance of getting access. This is a very good way to attract attention to your application all over the world;
  • Improve visibility and stand out in app stores. People can't use and download your application when you're away. If software doesn't make sense to people you don't know about it, you won't increase the number of installed;
  • Reduce the cost of attracting users and get continuous growth. Instead of using advertising, you can reduce the cost of your users' purchases by optimizing Sons' organic growth strategy. It saves you time and increases your income.
Questions for App Store Optimization

What are the benefits of app store optimization?

ASOs protects your application from being removed from the App Store. Stores are curators of products that constantly strive to offer their customers high-quality products. Thus, the company offers applications that work well with high ratings, preservation and regular updates.

What's the difference of App store optimization for Google Play vs. App Store conversion rates for the user funnel optimization?

Moment how well your application works can be measured in various ways. Firstly, it may be demand from the audience. And this is measured directly by the number of downloads. Judging by the popularity, your application will fail not only by this criterion.

Tell me the Checklist for the app store optimization strategy?

First of all, analyze your existing application. Then look at it through the user's eyes. Do everything so that you yourself want to stop at such a convenience. If you need help with all this, just contact Alfee!

Let's boost your app ranking to the top: how to realize it?

Optimize your smartphone apps to attract more visitors from your app stores. Your product will be more clearly visible in the Appstore search results. This increased visibility leads to increased traffic on the user-friendly app's website.

What do App Store Optimization companies do?

What is the Optimization of Your Application? Optimize the titles and subtitles of your application. Optimize the description of applications. Use keywords effectively. Choose the best screenshots with video preview included. Encourage revision. Ensure maximum download speed. Analyse. Optimize.

What are the Apple App Store & Google Play Store Ranking Factors?

App stores are like a counter on the market. Any seller will put forward all their best products. The same is the case with aforementioned stores. To be in the top, you need to meet the criteria. We talked about them in this article.

What's the difference between Ranking Factors for App Store and Google Play?

Google and Apple rank apps differently. Someone cares about number of downloads, and another is completely different.For a simple layman, this is a large array of information that is not absolutely necessary for a businessman, but simply necessary for success on these platforms. An expert will help you with all the subtleties.

Where to find Top App Store Optimization Company?

What does top-end mean? Each success rate will have its own. For us personally, this is an increase in client audience by attracting attention to your application. We do our job conscientiously and respond with our reputation. Trust Alfee and reach a new level with us!

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