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3D animation allows art to move, rotate, and change size in 3D space. This practice gives a bewitching look on the user's screen and surprises with its unusualness. Alfee – 3D animation firm that creates unique 3D animations according to any requirement. Our 3D animation artists have extensive experience with the professional software required to deliver high quality, optimized animation. We create characters, equipment, environments and props for various playstyles for media group.

Highly experienced expert team has vast experience in using professional software implementing multi-level 3D animations of any complexity. Video production company is responsible for providing custom 3D animation video production services in accordance with the terms of reference of the customer in a short time. If you are interested in professional 3D animation services for your business / enterprise - contact us in a convenient way, or fill out website form online.

3D Animation Studio Services & Animated videos Effects

We provide our 3D animation services in wordwide, working in an online format. Each 3D animation project is given special attention & care to deliver the best product that will satisfy your product and business. The company's employees have vast experience in developing unique 3D animation solutions, being professional and skilled animators.

During the work, Alfee completed more than 1000 orders; our 3D animation projects are distinguished by their unique style and creative approach:

  • Organized approach to getting work done;
  • Professional responsible employees;
  • Guaranteed quality results in accordance with technical requirements.

Great experience of our animators allows implementing 3D product animation / 3D animated video content in a short time, providing high-quality result. Video production company provides following services:

3D Character Animation Implementation

We offer 3D animation of characters services for any purpose. Professional team implements realistic cartoon animation, specific animated video production to cartoons and science works. Our 3D animation studio provides high-quality complex animation experts with result guarantee.

High-Quality 3D creative video production company

Alfee skilled animators have vast experience in 3D environment animation of any kind. Team provides high-quality visual effects and smart object moving with optimized approach.

Realistic 3D Props Animation production studio

To implement a realistic 3D universe, it is required to approach the animation of high-quality realistic 3D props as detailed as possible. Professional animators of media group are happy to perform work of any complexity to achieve the desired result.

3D Animation Video Production Studio

Alfee`s team provides implementation of high-quality 3D animated videos for commercials. We take care of every process and provide transparent work sharing to achieve better client satisfaction. Our 3D animated video company is happy to complete your video project as soon as possible, just contact us via convenient way.

Skilled High-Level 3D Animation Team

Our 3D video animation studio provides skilled professionals to hire. We guarantee high-level result according to all technical requirements. Our 3D artists have more than 1000 completed orders in sphere of 3D animation services, which means we are ready to implement the product which customer will like.

Each employee of our creative team is skilled expert in 3D animation implementing. We produce high-level optimized 3D solutions for any field of activity businesses & enterprises. Each Alfee`s creative specialist plays key role in achieving the best result.

Responsible Art Director

Creates an artistic layout of future animation based on customer requirements in detail. The art director controls every process of creating animation, from sketching to handing over the final materials to the client. The high level of video production allows the art director to quickly draw up a structured plan from the client's wishes and guarantee the best result in accordance with modern latest industry trends.

Project Manager Role

The project manager is fully responsible for the development of 3D animation and compliance with the technical requirements. The employee must control each project execution process; check the quality of execution and the completion of all tasks in required period.

Implementing by Technical Artist

As a link between artists and developers working on a promotional video game, this specialist, with both artistic and technical expertise, helps to integrate digital technical requirements into animation without neglecting the artistic vision or overstepping the technical boundaries of the platform. The main task is to establish communication between developers and artists.

Lead 3D Animator Strength

Main organizational strength of animation team. Lead animator plans, organizes, follows-up and evaluates the work of the team and its impact on the project. Ensures that teamwork meets all quality standards, artistic direction specified by the client and the set deadlines of explainer video production. Acts as a mentor in terms of technical and artistic aspects.

Professional 3D Artists

Main persons responsible for characters artistic component and other animation content creation. 3D artists perform tasks related to the implementation of high-quality creative solutions in accordance with customer`s technical requirements. The range of executable procedures includes a detailed study of digital assets and future explainer video animation artistic component.

3D Animators Team

Animators` team performs professional 3D animation of every element according to technical requirements. Our high-skilled art production company guarantees high-level result with implementation of modern 3D animation. Each team member has rich artistic imagination, which allow creating of unique business solutions of any kind.

Alfee’s 3D Animation Outsourcing Video Production Services

Modern technologies allow Alfee to provide 3D environment design services worldwide. Our 3D animation agency provides a well-coordinated team of professional 3D environment artists at your service. We guarantee a high-quality result and the fulfillment of all technical requirements of the customer in a short time. Efficient work approach allows completing tasks in timely manner and reduce motion graphic services final cost.

Our 3D animation production company provides professional services for any active businesses/startups. The main task of the team is to fulfill all the technical requirements of the customer as soon as possible. We guarantee a high quality product aimed at effective results. If you are interested in the professional services of 3D animation production company – Alfee`s team is happy to lead your order from beginning to desired result. Contact us in convenient way / fill out website form online.

Questions for 3D Animation

Where are people looking for a top 3D animation company?

Finding a 3D animation organization, and even one that shows the services you need, is not so easy. In addition, the quality of products, the experience of developers and much more play an important role here. But if you want to trust the performer, then Alfee is the best choice.

What our 3D animation services are the best?

In Alfee, we can find services for creating projects based on and with the interaction of 3D animation technologies, with an extremely wide range of them. Most often we work adapting to the customer. Therefore, you can check with our specialists all the points, it does not oblige you to anything.

How much does a 3D animated video cost?

The cost of any project is very individual. It all depends on what kind of functionality you want to implement. The specialist you are contacting is also important. A more experienced one will cost more, but you will not need to doubt the quality.

What are the Advantages of 3D Animation Videos?

3D animated videos are a new trend in the market. This is an opportunity to attract an audience to your project in a new interactive and innovative way. In addition, it can solve a number of problems, depending on the application.

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